Art of Lovely: Top 3 Tips to Unwind

This past month, I’ve realized that I’ve been digitally saturated and in definite need for some time away from the computer, my cel phone and especially social media. To live a balanced life is to live a healthy life and it’s not only beneficial but vital to set some boundaries when things get crazy. We … Continue Reading

Art of Lovely: 4 Tips on Building your Brand

I get lots of DMs for tips pertaining to how I built my online platforms and frankly if it weren’t for those I wouldn’t consider myself apt to give advice on the topic. But we live in the ever evolving digital age and although I’m definitely still growing, I believe that in the past few … Continue Reading

Art of Lovely: Spring cleaning your closet

My Top 4 Tips to organizing your closet this spring!   I believe that spring is not only a symbol of rebirth but of detoxing all parts of our lives (I will share my detox tips soon!). With the season of blooms upon us, I find it quite necessary to dedicate time to clearing out … Continue Reading

Lovely Spaces: 5 things to do in Paris this Spring!

Spring has sprung and we’re slowly coming out of our hibernation and joining the growing effervescence of our surroundings. Wherever you live, you can enjoy these 5 fun seasonal activities and yet be inspired by the timeless familiarity of the city of Love and emulate the ‘April in Paris’ charm that Ella Fitzgerald crooned about.   Cherry … Continue Reading

Lovely Icons: Meet the beautiful Tamara!

As the month of March ends, our Women Empowerment interview series comes to a close. The focus has been on uplifting women and embracing our femininity, by interviewing inspiring figures from the fashion, beauty and lifestyle scene. Our next and final interview is with the inspiring Tamara, whom it was truly an honor to exchange with. … Continue Reading

Lovely Places: Best date night spots in Paris

    After all, I do live in the “City of Love” and have come to the conclusion that this iconic capital is blessed with both a legendary romantic athmosphere and diverse culinary specialities to even make Cupid blush. So, with that said why not take advantage of the vast dining options at our disposal … Continue Reading

Lovely Icons: Meet the beautiful Meredith!

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ll continue with our “Lovely Icons” interview series of inspiring figures from the fashion, beauty and lifestyle scene. Our next interviewee is talented Design Director and Brand Manager, Meredith Dawn, whom it was a pleasure to exchange with. Her positive and uplifting spirit is truly a breath of fresh air. … Continue Reading

Art of Lovely: Honoring International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s day and Women’s History month! After methaphorically slaying dragons in a lovely editorial fairytale , I’m ready to tackle the real world! For the entire month of March, the blog will focus on all things #empowerment: from career and studies advice to time management, interviews, success stories and feeling confident in your work and … Continue Reading

Art of Lovely: “Every Woman is royalty”

One of my favorite quotes from a movie stems from the classic 1995 film, “A little princess”. The protagonist Sarah (which actually means princess), in an iconic scene, takes a stand against internalized misogyny, prejudice and classism all in one sensibly and boldly wrapped message— delivered with a twinkling of hope. It is such a … Continue Reading