Paris: What I love about the City of Lights

In honor the lovely summer days we are currently basking in, I wanted to share 5 lovely things “I Love About Living In Paris”: 1)- The Food: L’excellence culinaire. Kind of cliché right? But there is a reason French Cuisine earned a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List! It is heavenly. I Love stopping … Continue Reading

Lovely Spaces: Delightful times at La Durée

The “La Durée” tea room is one of my favorite little spots in Paris, situated on the legendary Champs Elysées. This soft-hued getaway is known as the “La Durée Bar” and reminds one of an etheral little nook, caught between Alice in Wonderland and a dreamlike world, full of fantasy and delicious treats. As a … Continue Reading

An Ode To Paris

Paris… My dear Paris…   I came to you quite naive and filled with dreams of macarons and Amélie-inspired clichés. My rose colored glasses of what you would be were quickly tossed for the reality of Your sharp pragmatism, diverse cultural issues and Carthasian spirit. You have no time for the fluff and tested me … Continue Reading