Lovely Primping: Exfoliating tips

Hey lovelies, did you know that exfoliating is a great way to deep-clean your pores, eliminate dead cells and aid in skin renewal via collagen building? Our skin is our body’s largest organ and by exfoliating we are helping it to regenerate and remove the old layers that obstructs pores causing acne and dull skin. … Continue Reading

Lovely Looks: your Guide to Formal Business wear

Hi lovelies, here on, the months of April and May will be dedicated to all things career-related to promote empowerment through our work and professional journeys. One of my favorite quotes is : “Dress how you want to be addressed”. Indeed, we can all agree that how you adorn yourself is a visual message … Continue Reading

Art of Lovely: Top 3 Tips to Unwind

This past month, I’ve realized that I’ve been digitally saturated and in definite need for some time away from the computer, my cel phone and especially social media. To live a balanced life is to live a healthy life and it’s not only beneficial but vital to set some boundaries when things get crazy. We … Continue Reading

Lovely Icons: Meet the beautiful Myriam!

​Hi lovelies, this month we will continue with our career-focused interview series and promote empowerment through our professional journeys. Our next interview is with the talented and charming singer, Myriam Conroy. The young starlet is a French artist that just launched her new single “Pour Toi” this month and it’s already a fan-favorite! Her online … Continue Reading

Art of Lovely: Business Email Etiquette

Hi lovelies, this month our new posts will be career-focused and promote empowerment through our work and professional journeys. The site will cover business-related topics and today we’ll look into a very useful and essential practice: the art of writing a professional email. In this day and age, online communications take up the majority of … Continue Reading

Lovely Looks: Ladylike in London

  “The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that her hardships have had on her, but is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate who she becomes.” -C. JoyBell C London is such a lovely place and definitely earns its spot as one of the … Continue Reading

Art of Lovely: 4 Tips on Building your Brand

I get lots of DMs for tips pertaining to how I built my online platforms and frankly if it weren’t for those I wouldn’t consider myself apt to give advice on the topic. But we live in the ever evolving digital age and although I’m definitely still growing, I believe that in the past few … Continue Reading