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As we pursue our Journey To Lovely, here is a list of 5 elegant French words that you can use in your daily life to enrich your already sophisticated vocabulary.

1. Crème de la crème:

The bees knees, the Best of the best, “cream of the cream,” used to describe highly skilled people or objects. A synonymous expression in French is “fin du fin”.

2. Clin d’œil

A little nod to something special. A clin d’œil would be a sign of admiration or recognition of influence of something or someone on another.

3. Je ne sais quoi

This expression is quite popular and Refers to a quality that cannot be explained or described easily.

Cela échappe tout entendement.

4. Mise en scène

This word comes the world of theatre and means to place the different objects on stage.

It can be used to speak to interior decor and placements of decorative objects in preparation for a gathering.

5. Joie de vivre

Literally, The joy of living. an example of the expression in a sentence would be:

Add some joie de vivre to your life and visit the lovely botanical parks this summer.


Want to wish someone a good meal? Etiquette-wise, this is especially appropriate with friends or acquaintances in a casual setting. The perfect saying is “bon appétit”!

Hope you enjoyed these expressions!

Which words are your favorite? Which ones would you have to work on the pronunciation? Share your thoughts below!

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