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Lovely Spaces: 5 things to do in Paris this Spring!

Spring has sprung and we’re slowly coming out of our hibernation and joining the growing effervescence of our surroundings.

Wherever you live, you can enjoy these 5 fun seasonal activities and yet be inspired by the timeless familiarity of the city of Love and emulate the ‘April in Paris’ charm that Ella Fitzgerald crooned about.


  1. Cherry Blossom Spotting


Spring is synonymous with blooms and Paris remains one of the cities where cherry blossom season is truly magical.

So why not enjoy the season and go on a flower stroll as you seek to surround yourself with the natural beauty of  the season?

One of the best locales to spot the famed ‘sakura’ in all their blushed glory is the iconic Parc de Sceaux with its totally instagrammable cherry blossom orchard, beautiful gardens and a lovely 17th century château that you can visit.

It’s literally the holy grail for the Cherry Blossom hunter and is truly a picture-perfect must-see.

Other spots to escape to a pink fluffy spring heaven- are the gardens near Notre Dame, the blooming trees surrounding the Eiffel Tower and in one my favorite hang out spots, the lovely parc Monceau.



2. Take a boat ride


With the days warming up, take advantage of the many docks surrounding the city and go for a water ride.

You can go on a quintessentially Parisian bateau-mouche ride on the Seine river and take in the beauty of the surrounding architecture. This sight-seeing activity is definitely a tourist-favorite and one can truly get to see a majority of the Parisian icons, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Musée d’Orsay, Notre Dame and much more during the hour long trip.

Also, another fun idea is to tap into your adventurous spirit, rent a river boat and float along the historical Parisian docks. One particular area that is well-known for their multiple range of water-activities is the The Bassin de la Villette (La Villette Basin) which is the largest artificial lake in Paris.

It’s definitely a fun way to spend the day and the neighboring area host some awesome restaurants as well, which serve delectable munchies and cool refreshments.



3. Picnic in a park


Spring is the perfect time to enjoy a nice outdoor picnic and after a fun boat ride, it’s the perfect way to unwind.

One thing that is not lacking in Paris are the vast selection of parks and picnic-friendly spots. Simply wear your most comfortable flats and head out with your basket and blanket. The typical Parisian picnic includes a baguette, wine and cheese.

My favorite on-grass location: le parc Monceau.

It’s my favorite parc and I’ve always felt a calming effect when relaxing or taking an afternoon stroll there. Well, I recently found out its profound link with Black History.  According to Ricki Stevenson, who runs Black Paris Tours,in the 1920s this refined oasis in northwestern Paris was a popular hangout for African Americans living nearby, including entertainer Josephine Baker and poet Langston Hughes” (via

It is one of the most elegant gardens in Paris,with its distinguished architecture and quaint gardens. My favorite area is the charming little bridge facing a fairytale-like waterfall.




4. Brunch Al Fresco + the Parisian Café


My favorite city to brunch in is Paris and of course there is nothing like enjoying a lovely meal at a classic Parisian café.

So why not have a culinary spring fling and combine the two? Indulging in a hearty brunch at a traditional café is not only an option but a must-have experience in the city of exquisite cuisine.

There are tons of little cafés that fill the Rue Cler in the 7th and would make for the most perfect combinations of both worlds.



5. Outdoor Sight-seeing

Paris is definitely a city in which History oozes out of every little nook and cranny. From the cobble stone streets of the Latin quarter to the breathtaking views from the Sacré-cœur, this is one city that is filled with architectural icons at almost every corner. Why not take advantage of the warmer weather and engage in outdoor visits of the city such as guided tours that follow the trail of emblematic edifices and statues. One of my favorites outdoor tours was a Top 10 hidden secrets of Paris. As we trekked through the city, our guide focused on the hidden architectural gems. Some where a bit more visible like Victor Hugo’s secret garden and others where truly hidden in plain sight, such as a canon ball that landed in a little cathedral in the Marais- dating back to WWII!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

What are your favorite spring activities?