Lovelies, I’m so excited to present to you my new project!

What if you could be guided to find your signature style? What if a polished persona could inspire you to embrace elegance? What if a fashion icon could guide you to reinvent yourself?

I’ve been working tirelessly over these past few months to bring you the most concise, practical and fail-proof techniques to unlock the secrets to elegance- with the help of four Style Archetypes!

Presenting “Discover Your Lovely”!

The Style Awakening experience you’ve been waiting for!

This virtual and transformative adventure is a call to maximize who you are and rebrand your entire persona to embody true elegance!

If you’ve been feeling more frumpy than fabulous due to quarantine.

If your closet is filled with clothes and still nothing to wear.

If you own tons of name brands but it all seems more tacky than tasteful… Don’t panic, you’ve come to right place!

⚜️My unique “Style Identity Method” will help you unlock your most elegant self with the help of ‘Four Style Archetypes’!

These iconic profiles are timeless models of elegance: The Vintage Vixen, The Lovely Lady, The Silver Screen Siren and The Glam Goddess!

Each one of these fabulous ladies will be sharing their pearls of wisdom to encourage you to step out of your fashion comfort zone and begin your style metamorphosis!

⚜️I’m so excited that my online project is launching soon and is an indispensable guide to uncovering your unique signature style and becoming the elegant muse of your dreams!

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With love and gratitude,


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