Art of Lovely: A Call for Equality with Marie Claire magazine at the UNESCO 🇺🇳

June 18th, 2019. UNESCO. Paris, France. A day of advocacy with Marie Claire Magazine and the ‘Connecting Leaders’ Think Tank to achieve equality at all levels and in all social, political and economical spheres. 🇺🇳 The call for equality: a vital human right. On June 18th, as a former intern of the UNESCO, it was … Continue Reading

Lovely Icons: meet the beautiful Carmen Day!

This lovely, talented and inspiring young woman has an awesome story to share. Meet Carmen Day! Her testimony is one of resilience, perseverance and overcoming adversity to become the best version of ourselves. Her journey from a teen who’s been in trouble with the law to pursuing law as a profession, has aptly been coined … Continue Reading

Lovely Icons: Meet the beautiful Ariel

Paris Fashion Week is the most exciting fashion event during which you can meet some of the most fabulous and interesting people. In my capacity as an interviewer at the Fashion Week Studio show, I had the pleasure of exchanging with some fascinating figures and insiders of the industry. But one who particularly stood out, … Continue Reading

MOKXCLAUDRINE- The premiere of a Ladylike Collection!

Hello Lovelies! I am so thrilled to finally present the new MOK X CLAUDRINE capsule collection ! Thank you all for being apart of this ‘Journey To Lovely’ and for cheering me on as I pursued this creative goal. So behold, the story of a ladylike Fashion Line: The MOK X CLAUDRINE Capsule Collection is … Continue Reading

Lovely Icon: Meet the beautiful Kara Ross

Hi lovelies, I am so pleased to announce that the next interview in our “Entrepreneurial series” is with the amazing Kara Ross! A certified gemologist, Kara is also the founder of her fine jewellery line Kara Ross NY and the nonprofit media company “Unleashed World”. Mrs. Ross has also had the prestigious patronage of the … Continue Reading

Lovely Icon: Meet the beautiful Lauren Napier!

Hi lovelies, today we are continuing our series focused on women entrepreneurship and will be exchanging with the inspiring Lauren Napier! The NYC-based beauty entrepreneur and creator of a pampering, vitamined-infused eponymous line of makeup wipes, will be sharing her empowering story and some business tidbits on building your brand from the ground up. According … Continue Reading

Lovely Icons: Meet the beautiful Gaëlle!

Hi lovelies, today we are continuing our series focused on entrepreneurship and young leadership and will be exchanging with the inspiring Gaëlle Koutou. Gaëlle is a young scholar and tech-world professional who will share her incredible journey with us. From business tips to women empowerment mantras, get ready to receive some enriching information and leave … Continue Reading

Lovely Icons: Meet the inspiring Vincent!

Hi lovelies, our last interview series focused on empowerment through our careers and this new series will promote education and leadership in our communities. Our interviewees will share their stories and values, as they raise awareness on higher learning, entrepreneuship and financial management. Although, they are still building their careers,  they readily serve as role … Continue Reading

Lovely Icons: Meet the talented Van Monroe!

Hi lovelies, this month is the last of our career-focused interview series in which we will promote empowerment through our professional journeys. Our next interview is with the talented and inspiring Ohio-based artist, Van Monroe. I met Van a few years ago when he visited Paris, in the context of an international leadership conference. Along … Continue Reading

Art of Lovely: Business Email Etiquette

Hi lovelies, this month our new posts will be career-focused and promote empowerment through our work and professional journeys. The site will cover business-related topics and today we’ll look into a very useful and essential practice: the art of writing a professional email. In this day and age, online communications take up the majority of … Continue Reading