The elements of classic coastal style include the quinessential marinière stripes, chic sunnies, a lounge hat or luxurious head wrap (which is currently all the rave with these Marc Jacob dolls), crisp white pants and a heirloom scarf to carefully tie on your purse, of course.


On my last trip to the French Riviera, I made sure to pack signature nautical pieces to stroll along the confetti-hued backdrop of the lovely coastal towns, but my most glamourous stop was of course the lovely Meditarranean principality of Monaco.


How could I travel to the dazzling capital of Monte Carlo and not go full “nautical glam” as I call it? It was the perfect opportunity to wear those classic staples. An ode to Old Hollywood, the legendary jet set crowd and the legacy of movie sirens that have graced “Le Rocher”. During my trip to the Mediterrean capital, my favorite outfit to visit the town consisted of a black turban from Max Mara that I got from my mom and a classic striped top from J Crew. The famed principality was the ideal locale for such a nautically sophisticated look.

My “turban and stripes” inspiration, is of course the beloved Princess and star of Monaco, Mrs. Grace Kelly:

Indeed, one can’t deny the irrestible charm of the classic striped shirt. So here’s a bit of history on this wardrobe staple: it was popularized in 1913 when Coco Chanel herself ushered it into popular fashion. Thanks to Coco, it went from Breton sailor gear to being adopted by intellectuals and Hollywood starlets. It’s stratospheric rise continued when it received designer accolades adorning the Haute Couture runways to ad campaigns à la Jean Paul Gaultier. It definitely solidified the marinière as a stylish investment piece and democratized it as a gender-neutral, budget-friendly, timeless chic staple.

Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington wearing nautical stripes with a couture twist.

With a striped shirt you can do no wrong: it can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion; can go with skirts or pants, heels or flats, accessories or minimalistic touches.

If you’d like to indulge a bit more into the world of stripes, you can with this beautifully illustrated book: The Art of Stripes, by Libby VanderPloeg.

Personnally, stripes are one of my favorite patterns (along with tartan) and always ends up in every suitcase that I pack for trips- whether business or leisure. It’s definitely a stylish investment piece, that I know I’m going to feel and look good in!



You can also extend your love of stripes to rompers and dresses too. The more the merrier!

Now unto our ornamental headdress: the fabulous turban.

It oriental charm conquered theWestern world during the 20s and it reached its height of fame with the influence of Hollywood’s golden girls who adorned it ionscreen and on the red carpet. It has reivented itself and traversed every decade, from the refined ateliers of Dior to the  notorious walls of Studio 54, the turban has proven to be versatile and a fierce style statement. But with many items, it has truly solidified itself in pop culture after Mrs. Carrie Bradshaw herself burst unto our screens doning a fabulous one in the luxe oasis of Dubai. The urban has left its mark in the fashion world and is here to stay.



I have always admired the glamour of Old Hollywood and being that the “Rocher”, is where Princess Grace reigned, that it remains the seasonal abode of heirs and heiresses and truly embodies an iconic backdrop to show biz sirens, I just had to pay hommage to the entire scenery.

The legendary Lena Horne, stylishly wearing a drapped turban.


Lady Elizabeth Taylor in her bedazzled turban at a movie premiere.
Hedy Lamarr played a beauty from French Indochina in Lady of the Tropics (1939)

Growing up, my grandma and I would watch old movies together, study the fashions and hairstyles of the actresses and I was always struck by the style of ladies like Lena Horne, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and of course, Grace Kelly.

Glamour is still in style ladies, so why not try out a turban? It’s such an easy and practical way to add a bit of vintage flair and fabulous glam into any wardrobe!


A little tourist that made me blush! She wants to be a photographer one day and decided to have her own shoot!


So hitting the shores this spring or summer?

Go for these tried and true trademarks of effortless class and timeless elegance.  Whatever your vibe, glamour always delivers!


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