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Living in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, Claudrine is constantly inspired on her journey as a blogger and aspiring model.
Having a Bachelor and a Master degrees in law, she has interned at the UNESCO, the United Nations and even the US House of Representatives.
However, her dream of working in the fashion industry has always been part of her plans. In fact, she grew up with fashion in her veins, as her mother owned an Haute Couture store, named after her, “Claudrine boutique” and her grandmother was a seamstress in New York for over 25 years.

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This amazing passion pushed her to transition over the past few years into the fashion world and has allowed her to launch her blog and social media platform.

So far, she has worked with countless photographers, notably celebrity photographer Laurent Lô and have been been an ambassador for brands such as French couture house Valérian Hughes and luxury handbag designer Isadora Limare. Her blog and brand: “Journey to Lovely” is about living in the moment and finding the beauty in the journey towards one’s best life. As an influencer and model, she has had the privilege to cover eminent events such as the 70th Cannes Film Festival , Paris Fashion Week and closed the runway show for the Raffealla Fernando luxury lingerie line.
Furthermore, she is currently the brand ambassador for the trendy Parisian fashion line, Milkaya Laijah and celebrated designer Enoka Fonseka, winner of Expatriates Magazine “Best Paris Designer”. With a combined amount of followers reaching over 10K across my social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, her dream is to inspire, uplift and share her love for all things beautiful and add a little bit of loveliness to her reader’s lives.

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