Lovelies, we are officially out of winter and ready for new beginnings with the burst of the spring season.

Fresh breeze, new blooms and sunnier days are on the horizon and so I’ve rounded up my favorite things about this effervescent time.

Read on for our #LovelySpring List:

1. Lighter Perfume!

It’s that time for the lovely spring perfumes. Any scent with a light and subtle base like rose, peony, lemongrass works perfectly for this joyful new season. Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Miss Dior by Christian Dior are awesome choices.

2. Spring Cleaning!

Getting to clear your home from all the winter stagnant energy and make way for fresher and newer energy. For some organizing and clutter-clearing tips, head to our Marie-Kondo method review.

3. Longer Days

We head back to our spring time schedule and the days grow longer as temperatures rise. It’s beautiful to get to savor the evening sunlight again!

4. Al Fresco Meals and picnics

Here in Paris, we are still in lockdown but it’s safe to say that when restaurants open up, fresh air seating will be back and encouraged. Also picnics are great in warmer temperatures, especially in picturesque settings. So head out to your nearest park and enjoy your al fresco meal.

5. Floral Details!

Florals does spring groundbreaking in my Miranda Priestly voice. But seriously! It’s the season to bloom! Shop for some cute floral accessories from earrings to brooches. Also, prioritize lighter colors and fabrics to your daily looks.

6. Sandals and other strappy shoes

It’s the season to set your toes free and be pedicure-ready! Book that spa appointment or set up your own nail care station at home.

7. More outdoor activities and workouts

According to Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor Julissa, who contributed the foreword to our “Discover Your Lovely” guide- there’s nothing like exercising in nature! And she is surely right. With the spring comes longer walks, more enjoy outdoor exercising and fun sports. The warmer weather encourages fun workouts other options: aerobics, yoga, Pilates, stretching, kayaking, hiking etc… Your outdoor activities will definitely be on the rise.

8. Blooms Galore

Indulge in seasonal flowers, spring bouquets, floral art and motifs to spruce up your home or office.

9. Fresh skincare

The winter blues and heavy makeup is ending. Where heading in warmer temperatures so it’s time for your skincare reset. Add some more water based products, such as floral mists, body gels, and overall lighter textured products.

10. Spring Hats

Time to bring out the hats! The sun is coming out and temperatures are rising, this is the perfect time to accessorize with lovely headwear. Cute straw hats are a perfect example.

Thanks for stopping by! Was your favorite things mentioned? Where some missing? Share your spring favs spring below!

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