As we cultivate our femininity, the little goals are just as impactful as the big ones- if not more impactful as they permeate our daily routines more often.

Cultivating a feminine pastime is truly an amazing feat in your #JourneyToLovely and should be pursued with curiosity, lightheartedness and fun.

It should be a pastime that encompasses quality and something that can add value to your life, not a mere distraction.

As you know, Distractions won’t add to your value as a woman, but pastimes that you are passionate about, will.

So if your enjoying something entertaining, uplifting and insightful- well that’s definitely a win-win!

Here are a few feminine pastimes for the high-value woman cultivating her journey to lovely.

1)- Accessory-Making

Elegant, tasteful, sparkly jewels and accessories are a timeless and feminine staple.

And how easy it is to create them. That is why it is a wonderful pastime for women. It’s not only a way to cultivate your passion for beautiful things but also a way to potentially share your art as a feminine soul with others. You can keep your creations to yourself, gift them or sell them.

Jewelry making is an all-encompassing hobby that combines your creativity, your unique taste, your handcrafted touch and personal style.

It allows for you to also have some additional accents to add to your wardrobe and be even more alluring.

As stated, it makes for a very personal present that is authentic, unique and memorable.

Lastly, you can always hone your skills with online classes and tap into your entrepreneurial side to earn money whilst expressing your feminine creativity.

2)- Learning a foreign language.

As women we are naturally great communicators and easily connect with others. So why not expand that? Becoming bilingual or multilingual is life-changing. By signing up to an online program or joining a Zoom class, are some of the ways you can learn your language of choice from the confort of your own home.

3)- Floral Art arrangement

This art is the epitome of femininity.

It can be done without any excessive amount of material and at your home.

If you don’t want to keep replenishing flowers, you can even use some artificial ones (orchids and peonies seems to be the best choices for that kind).

Your arrangement should be in a feminine and lovely vase throughout your house.

This is an easily accessible passion for anyone that loves flowers and the timeless beauty they provide. You don’t have to be a professional florist, all you need is an eye for detail, your personal taste and creativity!

So Lovelies, which of these 3 pastimes stood out to you?

Which is your favorite and which one you’ll be trying out soon? Share below!

And as always, thanks for stopping by!

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