I get lots of DMs for tips pertaining to how I built my online platforms and frankly if it weren’t for those I wouldn’t consider myself apt to give advice on the topic. But we live in the ever evolving digital age and although I’m definitely still growing, I believe that in the past few years I’ve amassed some considerable info that is worth sharing.

So that being said, although I am not an expert in the field, below are my top 4 tips to build a personal brand and manage your online image.


1. Have a Strong Message


For me the first step in establishing your brand as a blogger, influencer or even new business owner is to have a Voice and owning it.

Being a good leader of your brand is about having a worthy mission statement. 

Here at JourneyToLovely.com, the global message is that life is a journey on which we all evolve and should seek daily to grow into our best selves. It’s about crafting a platform that encourages women to take the necessary steps to live our lives to the fullest. Furthermore, the fashion segments of the blog seek to inspire, because I truly believe that everyone can be elegant and that sophistication should not be a restricted and unattainable standard. My aim is to use this platform to challenge those archaic views and showcase that femininity is the essence of all women.

If my blog can reach out to  someone and give them a sense of hope and believe that their life is

a beautiful journey towards whatever constitutes their “Lovely”- then I know it’s all worthwhile.

So ask yourself, what is your message- what makes you unique and how can your story impact someone else? 

Your message starts with you, your ups and downs, your victories and losses, every chapter of your life has something to glean and can be a blessing to others.

A well-constructed message is fundamental and sets the stage for the successful growth of your brand.

Therefore, what makes you tick, what keeps you up at night, those topics that you can’t get enough of, that fill you with fiery passion and get you excited, the causes that you connect with, that you know you need to stand up for and when you’re all alone and no one’s watching, can even get you teary-eyed. That is your message!

Now that you’ve carved out what it is you want to share with the world, it’s time to find the perfect banner on which to carry it out.


2. Spread Your Message

It is crucial for any brand to flourish to have an effective communication strategy. Once your message is clearly set, it’s time for your voice to be heard.

And the next step is fundamental. As with any exchange, communication is key, and it is your role and responsibility to educate your followers about the important statements, ideas and mantras that you wish to convey.

Also, it’s very important to provide content that is easily accessible and use language that your readership will understand and connect with.

Once you’ve made a connection by using the writing style and tone that is representative of your brand, it’s easy for others to want to share your content within their sphere of influence.

So how do you practically spread your message and transfer a genuine enthusiasm and passion for your brand?

Firstly you must set up an efficient communication plan by using the necessary resources and tools to spread your message via written posts, images, video and audio content and upload them unto as many platforms as possible.

The more people you get involved the better. I recently revisited my Pinterest profile: https://www.pinterest.fr/claudrine/and realized that I was not using it as much as I could in terms of communication. So make sure all of your social media handles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…) are attuned and interconnected. 

Now, once you get everyone involved by reaching out, you are creating a snowball effect. It’s simply infectious and will have your followers feeling like they are apart of a dynamic movement. This builds enthusiasm which spreads organically and will foster a positive association with your brand. 


3. Create and Protect Your Image

Once you have found your #Voice and are spreading your #Message, an #Image begins to take form.

As a fashion and beauty blogger defining my image is something I am perpetually working on and is definitely an ongoing process.

Making sure your image is pristine is something that will take work, discipline and meticulous editing. The goal is not perfection but making sure your content is of the highest quality. You will also have to come up with your visuals, color codes, a signature aesthetic and even a logo. During this phase I’d advice professional help if need be.

But one thing is non-negotiable : putting out quality content. It is a form of self-respect and a sign of integrity.

By being a strict overseer of your image and transmitting well-curated content, you teach your audience how to engage with you. It also adds credibility to your brand, which is a necessary component to helping you grow and partner with other major brands and companies.

In addition, part of protecting your image is making sure that your online persona fits your brand and is coherent with the message that you convey. This is something that bloggers have to be strict on because it is an image based platform and people are over-saturated with content on a daily basis. You sometimes only have a few seconds to engage a reader and it most likely will be with just one picture. I had to learn to make sure my message, values and statements were aligned with the image that I projected and if not- it was time for some adjustments.

Lastly, when certain brands reach out to me for a post feature or to collaborate, one question I always ask is “How does this affect my image and how my brand is perceived?” Whether regarding an IG or Facebook post, a retweet, promoting a certain product, you should be like an over protective parent who wants to see their brand flourish, but not get damaged in the process.


4. Be in the Know and have an End Game

Online influencers, bloggers, and brands that seek to grow their audience online must stay connected and informed at all times. Knowing what’s happening within their particular niche is extremely crucial and if you want to be taken seriously, you must follow the latest updates. One thing I’ve learned this year is: Research, research, research!

This can literally make a huge difference not only in your evolution but financially as well! Nowadays, influencers and brands alike are judged on how many partnerships they have acquired and the level of engagement that they can generate. Consequently, these stats are actually bankable and can be converted into real revenue if you fit the bill.

So ask yourself- what is your end game? I call it my “Lovely”- your ultimate goal and it doesn’t have to be set in stone, but you definitely need something to keep you focused and driven.

On the road to success, you need to know where you’re going so you can plan out your best strategy.

So be proactive and stay ahead of the game: don’t only follow the latest trends, try setting a few as well.

There is nothing like innovation and originality: so always aim to think out of the box and stay inspired- it will set you apart from the pack. That is how I worked on my instagram aesthetic. I wanted my feed to be pleasing to the eye but also creative and original. If you look closely, you’ll realize that my posts are not only color coded but follow a specific algorythm as well.

That’s why I insist on being creative because it helps ensure that your brand is never defined by someone else and keeps you engaged and wanting more.

Building a brand is not an easy feet: it requires hard work, dedication, a strong work ethic, networking skills and most importantly love. Yes, you must love your brand and believe in it to get ahead and overcome the hurdles that you’ll face along the journey.

But in the end, it’s all worth it because you would have created an extension of you that can reach out to countless people and spread your voice, on a platform that is filled with unlimited possibilities!


Hope this was helpful! How do you work on building your personal brand?


Thanks for stopping by!





Great blog Claudrine! Spot on ! I was already implementing some of the tips like having a strong message but I will definitely think about how to protect my image going foward!


Thank you for sharing Gaelle, glad it was helpful (managing your image is crucial)! All the best to you x

May Naidoo

hello, your post is so good.Following your site.

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