Art of Lovely: 7 ways to pursue your goals!

Hi lovelies, with summer just around the corner, many of us have deadlines piling up, vacations to plan and other engagements to fulfill. That being said, we can all use some useful pointers to help us stay ahead of the game and on top of things.



Below are 7 easy tips to go after your goals:


  • Be Specific

Know thy goals! As Shakespear would probably say. It’s definitely a sage advice to stay away from vague statements as they don’t promote action and being comitted to a plan. By being specific, you add passion and motivation to your goal planning, which makes the process easier. Make sure to also eliminate all distractions and be as disciplined as possible.


  • Do your research

This is an important step because it will help you gather as many tools to tackle your goal building journey. For instance, if you’re interested starting a blog, do as much research on it as possible and even ask for help from expert in the field. Investigate the different websites that offer editing and publishing services and even look into companies that can help with marketing and branding. The more information you have the easier you can advance towards your goal.



  • Break goals into doable steps

“Rome was not built in a day”, as the old adage goes. Indeed, it’s the same for building your empire and checking off your goals-list!

But once you break down your goals into smaller, practical and even daily steps, it will be easier for you to be consistent in your progress. Try it out! This is one strategy that guarantees tangible results.


  • Keep a gratitude list


I think this should be a daily practice and will help you to stay balanced on your journey as well. It’s definitely an encouraging way of going about the practice of achieving goals by keeping things into perspective and appreciating the present, which is a precious gift. If you can be grateful in your present moment and appreciate the little things then your happiness won’t be a at risk, whatever outcome the future may bring.


  • Stay encouraged and motivated


Don’t be sad about how big your goals are and compare yourself to others that are much more advanced than you are. Life is not a race and you can do anything you put your mind to.  Instead focus on how far you’ve come by observing the changes that have happned over the course of your journey. Like the saying goes, you’re not where you want to be yet but thank God you’re no longer where you used to be. Honor your updated resume, your new home decor, your fitnessimporovements, etc.. Go ahead and tap yourself on the sholuder! Which bring us to our next step:



  • Reward yourself

For each mini-goal you accomplish, make it a habit to treat yourself and indulge into one of your favorite pastimes, delicacies or beauty products. You deserve to take some time off to feel at peace and don’t have to wait on someone’s else acknowledgment of your progress. Give yourself something special and you’ll see that the reward will double up your enthusiasm.


  • Listen to yourself


As you work towards your goals, be open to being flexible and adapting your objectives to the different changes that can happen. We could all use different ideas to plan to protect ourselves against life’s little surprises. So listen to your inner voice to make the final decision on what you’d like to do and how you’d like to go about getting your goals from fantasy to reality!


Hope these tips were helpful for you! Let me know how you will go about accomplishing your goals 🙂


For more insight on the topic, check out Boston-based author and life coach,  Lynn Robinson’s book: Divine Intuition.

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