As we’ve been quarantined for over 2 months in most parts of the world, our homes have become more than our usual comfort zones, but actual safe spaces from the lurking outside dangers.

So why not take this time to be inspired to decorate your cozy haven? One of the best ways to decorate your space is with beautiful books, candles and flowers.

No matter your aesthetic or preference, these are classic staples that you can find around the house or should be easy to find, no matter we’re you’re located. Coffee tables can create a beautiful oasis of inspiration in a living room’s canvas and are fun to set up


I’ve selected a few lovely coffee tables decor pictures to inspire you on your Journey To a Lovely Home.

Scroll down for beautiful creative ideas to apply to your own home:

As you can tell, Peonies are my flowers of choice. Essentials are: pretty books. Decorative items. Delicate Candles. Lovely tray.

Hope this article was inspiring to you! Let me know which decor tips you’d like to try in the comments below.

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