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Art of Lovely: “Every Woman is royalty”

One of my favorite quotes from a movie stems from the classic 1995 film, “A little princess”.

The protagonist Sarah (which actually means princess), in an iconic scene, takes a stand against internalized misogyny, prejudice and classism all in one sensibly and boldly wrapped message— delivered with a twinkling of hope.

It is such a poignant and memorable scene that I had to share it during the month of March as we focus on women empowerment.

I truly believe that an empowered woman is simply an empowered girl. By showering the younger generation with affirmations, support and access to knowledge, we are showing then that they are worth supporting and taking a stand for.

Together we can overcome racial, classist and cultural divides and like Becky and Sarah find common ground to face our ultimate enemy: ignorance.

And with that said… Maybe, perhaps, somehow— it can be common knowledge that, we are all princesses and everyone of us.


To conclude on an inspirational note, I will share this biblically-inspired poem by Sheri Rose Shepherd:

Be blessed and empowered dears!