Happy New Year!

It’s finally 2019 and I wish you all plenty of happiness, health and lots of love!

As the new year begins, I sincerely want to thank each one of you for your support this past year. It has been phenomenal and life changing!

We’ve truly had an amazing year, touching on inspiring topics, interviewing phenomenal people and bringing forth my first capsule collection “MOK x Claudrine“!

All these awesome events have been eye opening and great learning experiences as on my own “Journey To Lovely”.

The aim of the Journey is to celebrate the present moment and make the most of it. Our “Lovely” varies depending on our own lives and desires but what we have in common is enjoying those precious moments together.

As we continue to pursue our goals, aspirations and dreams, take a moment to be more present and no that with this new year, come a new beginning.

A brand new slate to write your story and to embark on a journey that you’ve always dreamed about.

In 2019, step out on faith. Always Believe. And Be Bold.

I’m not a resolutions type of girl, but I will play along and aim for 3.

1-Do the work.

I learned this the hard way this year, especially in the blogging world. Everything seems so effortless and easy but behind those glossy, perfectly curated feeds, are lots of sleepless nights, meetings, day long photo shoots, editing, legal teams and sometimes even a little drama. To play with in the big leagues, you simply have to put in the work.

There is truly no shortcuts and work encompasses working on relationships, the quality of your content, responding to emails on time, posting on time. Although most high profile bloggers and any high achievers, have teams, coaches and solid support systems, so I’m learning to be realistic and understand that I cannot go at it alone.

You have to be creative and sometimes take well needed breaks to reconnect with the muse and return refreshed and ready to pour out your new found #inspo. Also, being reactive to the latest trends and business updates. When working with a team, keeping in touch, being considerate of their time and energy, especially when collaborating. Building a sense of community within your tribe and being more of a listener as well to see what they connect with. It’s a lot that goes into the influencer/blogger champs d’action and though I’ve learned a lot, I’m still growing and evolving!

Disclaimer: As bloggers we can sometimes neglect our wellbeing and become workaholics so I wanted to point out that balance in work is everything. There are a lot of strategies that help with growing your personal brand without sacrificing one’s sanity and self care. So… Here to working smarter, not harder.

2-No more fear

There were so many instances where I could have freaked out and not show up to an opportunity that later on changed the course of my blogging experience. Whether it was braving the coldest snow storm in New York for a photo shoot at the Plaza for an Haute Couture Parisian brand!

Or risking my fear of heights to stand at the top of the Musée de l’homme’s rooftop, facing the Eiffel Tower, for an epic shot that landed me in fashion magazine Runway!

Or having a friend cancel on me last minute and still going alone to the Cannes festival with no official invites but only a heart of faith and ready to just wing it (hard to be mad at being away from the hectic city life near the seaside and Hollywood’s jet set anyways). I used my natural people skills that I was told helps me with networking in those circles.

In influential circles, social skills are beyond important to hone and you can’t be shy. I had to push myself out there and even though it comes with some rejection, I always see it as God’s protection.

I remember one time, a few mean girls snobbery me from an event and I ended up going to a high tea hosted by Harry Winston and the Peninsula Hotel instead. Lo and behold, not only was it amazing, I was the winner of the Harry Winston prize, wearing my fav blue dress in honor of the Harry Winston true Blue diamond.

So yes, there will be trials and errors, but that is how we learn and perfect our communication styles, brands or craft.

So this year, be fearless and shine as the true blue diamond that you are!

3-Remove all distractions

Looking back on 2018, I must say that I could have done better in terms of time management and organization. What I would say, to be constructive, is that I need to eliminate all time consuming distractions. When it comes down to it, blogging and being an influencer or even entrepreneur is not your traditional job or occupation. I started as a way to have fun and express myself and it has literally grown from being my creative outlet to an online platform that inspires and empowers women worldwide.

I can only thank you all for the growth and look forward to being more attentive to your wants and needs in terms of content, interviews, creative direction and even the new design ideas I’m brewing.

On a personal level, I will work on having a morning routine, I realize that my day goes much better when I set aside at least a half an hour to meditate, journal and update my to do list.

Also, to Stick to my no distraction rule which coincides with last year’s no procrastination resolution, I will avoid my habit of mindless Insta surfing, especially on those celeb gossip pages.

On a blog-related front, I will trade Netflix for time spent updating and growing my Pinterest and perhaps even reconnecting on Twitter. I will check in with my followers and host more interactive events, like giveaways or even start a Youtube channel! It’s been on my mind for some time. All in all, my goals is to be more consistent with content and publish quality articles and interviews for you all.

Seeing how another has flown by so quickly, this particular resolution seems pressing and of utmost importance. But I believe that with discipline and determination, anything is possible!

So Thanks again for your awesome support and looking forward to sharing some amazing content with you all!

Does this resonate with you? What are your New Year’s resolutions?



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