The Holidays are upon us and although the bearing of gifts is indeed the most beautiful part of the season, it can also be the most challenging.

Indeed, this timeless tradition can get tricky and many of us end up stressing over what to buy our loved ones up until the very last minute.

If you’re still not sure about what to get your beaux or belle- Here is a list to help you on your mission to finding the best gift!

For Her- your wife, sister, girlfriends, soul sisters, mom & women in your life

1. Festive Luxury candles

2. Classic leather wallet

3. Chic cutting board

4. Warm Stylish loafers

5. Elegant and glitzy brooch

6. Alluring Coffee Table Book

7. Pretty Book Ends

Honorable mentions:

8. A matching bag-shoe set

9. A beautifully practical 2020 planner

For Him: your hubby, significant other, dad, brother, male friends or family members

1. Knitted sweater

2. Leather Key Chain

3. Timeless leather belt and wallet

4. Portable charger (solar-powered if possible)

5. Luxury necktie

6. iPad business portfolio case

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Let me know which items are your favs and what you’d add to the list!

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