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Art of Lovely: Honoring International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s day and Women’s History month!

After methaphorically slaying dragons in a lovely editorial fairytale , I’m ready to tackle the real world!

For the entire month of March, the blog will focus on all things #empowerment: from career and studies advice to time management, interviews, success stories and feeling confident in your work and personal life.

Today, people around the world unite to commemorate all women: from iconic personalities to the loved ones who have helped shape their lives. This year, the chosen theme to celebrate womanhood is #PressforProgress! So it’s relevant to reflect on practical ways to engage with this subject- because it’s more than a catchy hashtag, it’s a real life commitment for gender equality.

The older I get, the more I travel and read various materials, the more I discover the beauty, strength and resilience it takes to be a fulfilled woman.

It is a continual process of empowerment and self discovery but also of authentically engaging with others to find solutions and build a better future for the coming generations. Equal rights for women is not just a concept, it should be our reality, enforced by adequate policies, educational programs and efficient legislation.
That is the foundation of healing the social, economical and physical wounds often inflicted upon womanhood in an imperfect world.

To highlight this amazing month I have committed to empowering myself through online courses, uplifting the women around me daily, sharing the stories of some inspiring ladies and supporting programs that mentor young girls.

So consider this process to be part of the “journey to lovely”!

To conclude, I would share that my forever “womanspiration” is my mom who, as a wife and mother, did her utmost best to provide my siblings and I with a warm and loving home, the education to build the character we would need to face this world and letting us know that we could be who we truly are and still be worthy of love and respect.

Tell a special woman how much she means to you! Happy #WID!