It is often said that femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

With this “Art of Lovely” series, we’ll explore the various ways of being more #ladylike as we seek to add more loveliness to our lives.

One improvement can be adding touches of femininity to our daily lives as a way of cultivating our womanly qualities.

In this first post of the series, I’ll share three tips to encourages us to “be more feminine”:


1. Write your Lovely


When you wake up, you can use a beautiful notebook to journal your goals for the day, week or month. Choose one that is lovely to look at, in your favorite color and with an aesthetic that you fancy. You can also use gorgeous pens to accentuate the feminine flair. My favorite pen is a Swarovski one that was pink and filled with little pink rhinestones.
To keep yourself accountable and especially to write down affirmations about who you are at your best:
– Beautiful
– Confident
– Blessed
– Accomplished
– Inspiring
Keep adding to your list!

2. Lovely Self-care


Indulging in a little pampering is always a sure way to nurture your femininity.
Simple ways of doing so is taking a long warm bath while you light some fragrant candles (ie. Rose Delight by Dyptique).
Putting on low tempo music, classical or jazz is my favorite while you just unwind or enjoy a good read. You can also add some essential oils such as rose, lavender or camomile to your bath to increase relaxation.
After your bath, apply a rich and soothing body cream and seal with a sultry oil (ie. the glitter body oil by NUXE).
After that you can paint your nails and massage your feet with some lavender or aloe vera gel.
End your self care routine with a warm cup of tea as you take some deep breaths and relax.

3. Lovely Posture

Another way of incorporating some femininity into your daily life is by adjusting your posture.
By adopting a ladylike stance, you are showcasing your feminine graces and presenting yourself as a woman with poise.

In the finishing or charm schools of old, young girls would practice their walks with either a book or teacup and saucer on their heads.
The perfect posture was a sign of good upbringing and the main exercise was walking steadily without letting the object fall. Although standing up straight is the basis to earn respect in high class society- it is also a visible sign of womanliness. It allows your clothes to fit beautifully and gives the impression that you take yourself seriously and know your worth.
My aunt Rita, whom I admire, would always tell us during her empowering seminars that holding your head high and standing straight is inherent to having high self-esteem.
And as a lady, that is fundamental.

I hope these tips have been helpful and inspiring as you pursue your “journey to lovely”… Share some of yours below.


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