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During this Quarantine season, we’ve been faced with unprecedented challenges but one thing that most can say, is we’ve had a lot more free time than ever. As I’ve observed the explosion of online activity, viral content and the rise of Tik Tok challenges and Instagram lives, I decided to research how us bloggers can capitalise on this phenomenon. I came up with some cool ways to promote your blog, no matter your niche or audience!

Using the methods below and with everyone’s online activity increasing these days, you’ll more than likely see an increase in your traffic as well!


Here are my Top 4 techniques:

1. Connect all your socials 

If you’re a blogger and aren’t using all your social media platforms to promote your blog, you’re missing out!

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even Tumblr, are huge incentives to lead your audience to your blog.

Instagram allows you to post a link in your bio, so you can simply add the link to your latest article. The Insta-stories also allow users with large followings to include a swipe-up link, so make sure you take advantage of those promotional tools.

Twitter is also cool. You can inform your followers of your new blog article by simply tweeting the link. There is also the possibility to include the link in your bio.

Now, Pinterest is heavy on the promotion game! For many bloggers, this is their number once traffic referrer (mine is IG). It’s easy to use and very blog-friendly. My Pinterest is one of my favorite place to find other bloggers so I know it works! For more “Journey To Lovely” content on Pinterest follow our page here: https://www.pinterest.fr/claudrine/


2. Join an online support group 

You can find support groups on Facebook and Instagram. Simply look them up in the search engine, using keywords like blogger support, or using hashtags which reflect your niche such as: #LifestyleBloggers #TravelBloggers or #BlackBloggers, etc…

Depending on the format of the support, you will need to follow through with a strategy. If its a Facebook group, most likely there are moderators and rules of engagement to follow, such as commenting on the other bloggers content and such.

If it’s via a hashtag, you will have to engage personally with those bloggers to establish an organic connection. By building a relationship with them via comments on their blog regularly, sharing their content, and maybe even emailing them letting them know that you enjoy reading their blog, you will then be able to be apart of a community who will gladly support you and your content.


3. Balance your Strategy: Writing vs Promotion

For many bloggers, the challenge is to find that strategic balance between Writing and Promoting.

There are two sides to this coin. Some people advise that you should act according to your situation and blog content.

Say if you blog a lot and have accumulated lots of content, then you can go forward and promote your content.

However, if you dont have a lot of content then you should focus on doing research, preparing your blog articles, getting inspired by reading books, visiting museums (pre or post-Quarantine), listening to music, perusing Pinterest., etc…

It then depends on your side of the game. If you don’t have a lot of content on your blog, I recommend writing at least 3-5 times a week until you’ve built up a substantial library of content for your audience.

Then once you’ve built up a good amount of content on your blog, you can take on the write less strategy and tackle those marketing tools we spoke about on your other social platforms in part 1.

In essence, more content, creates more elements to promote which then pushes you to engage more which leads to more traffic and having your blog filter through other search engines.

4. Collaborate: Guest Post, RoundUp or Podcast Feature

Last week I did a wonderful guest feature on the amazing “Life With Leenor” Podcast with Life Coach, Zumba instructor LeeNor Diken! In this case, I was approached by the lovely LeeNor, who kindly asked me to share my story and the background of the “Journey To Lovely” platform on her program!

It was an insightful exchange, filled with raw moments and candid anecdotes of how my Journey started and tons more on what I’m planning in the future. So make sure you check it out!

Such an approach is a practical way of widening your reach and getting to promote your content in an interactive context.

Another approach is asking a blogger to write an article for their blog as a “Guest Post”. They will then feature it on their platform with a little introduction of your platform and then it will lead you to more exposure. Say your niche is fashion, you can ask a fellow fashion blogger to write an article about a the top trends for fall.

His technique is great especially if it’s a blogger with a bigger platform, it allows you to grow in a very easy way.

Another technique, is asking experts in a specific field to answer a question or give their professional opinion on a topic. This is an excellent format to draw in audiences, as you’ll receive not only quality content but a myriad of opinions and perspective from the experts but from their community as well. Once the list of replies are  received, you can then publish your blog post and clarify in a prior message how you all will organise the promotion. An ideal promo would be to share those answers, along with a photo of the expert and a link to their site.

If done right, either a guest post, guest podcast interview or roundup, can bring a significant amount of traffic to your blog, and increase your share counts.

These techniques are a win-win, especially if you are able to collaborate with experts, whose audience is probably larger than your own.

Hope these techniques work for you and help your engagement to keep growing!

Did you find these tips helpful? Which ones will you try? Let me know below!


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