ArtOfLovely: Lovelies, who should you marry? 💒

The Bible shares in a beautiful passage, that “The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD”.- Psalm 18:22

This delightful passage shows us that a wife is found, so the woman has to also possess certain characteristics that prove that she can be a wife. Furthermore, God shows that being found is a beautiful gift to a man. It is actually divine favor. Think about it. You are a sign of favor in a man’s life. So what type of man should you be attracting? what kind of man will see you as a treasure and understands the favor you symbolize in his life? That is what we will be thinking about.

🤍 Scroll down for a few inspiring and insightful traits a potential husband should display!
💍 Do you agree? Which characteristic would you add?
Share what’s on your “list” and your non-negociables in the comments below⤵️

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