Nautical Decor is one of my favorite home decor themes and the perfect style to give your home a lovely coastal flair.

As the warm summer days continue to wane (we’re experiencing an endless summer in Paris), why not capture this ocean-inspired aesthetic and hold on to the summer a bit longer. Even with our work or educational obligations pending, you will be inspired to dream of sailing away or flying to distant and quaint coastal towns.

This stunning display is from the Home Collection by Ralph Lauren and is an ode to the signature coastal homes of “Isleboro”, Maine.

The major inspirations for this nautical decor style are northern seaside locations such as the coast of Maine, the Hamptons, Seattle and even some touches from the luxurious French riviera.

Below, I’ll share some keys ways to incorporate the signature sailor stripes, subtle colors reflecting the ocean and sand, some nautical accents and other beautiful coastal details that set an authentic seaside atmosphere. So explore this classic trend and bring a bit of the beach to your surroundings!

The more sailor stripes stripes you incorporate the more the nautical theme is expressed.

Ralph Lauren ‘Le Grand Hotel’ Home Collection tableware is an exquisite way of adorning your table with a luxury nautical flair.
This lovely vignette accentuates a classic seaside theme.
With autumn here, an outstanding fireplace surrounded by awesome nautical objects is the perfect setting for the theme.

Decorating your walls with lovely nautical images and painting uplifts your surroundings and add the perfect seaside touch.
Align your shelves with sturdy candles, sea shells and corals, vintage frames, surrounded with lovely porcelain vases are a perfect addition for this theme.

This is a great theme that can transcend seasons if decorated a clever mixture of dark and muted tones, luxurious woods and even polished copper objects.

The sailing ropes add a masterfully creative nautical accent to the already well-decorated staircase.

Will you sail away on this inspiring decor theme? It’s definitely worth a try, even if you begin with smaller trinkets and objects.

Hope you all enjoyed this lovely highlight on the nautical decor style! Would you turn your home into a coastal sanctuary? Share below!



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