Happy New Year Lovelies, may 2021 be a year full of grace, beauty, transformation and upgrades!

As we continue to pursue our collective growth and “level up”, I am wishing you all a beautiful new year filled with love, peace and joy.

It was such a pleasure to evolve on this incredible #JourneyToLovely together and be able to build a vibrant and passion-filled community!

May the year 2021 brings each and every one of you continued success, good fortune and happiness.

My resolutions for this year are less about my wants and more about what I can contribute to the world. Here are a few:

– Share my experiences as lessons that can help others.

– Be more transparent and creative with my online presence.

– Declutter my physical, mental and electronic spaces.

– Be a better friend, daughter, sister, aunt and cousin, coach and mentor.

– Prepare for the new landscape that we are facing by honing skills that can help better my community.

– Using those skills to build better connections and network.

– Travel more (if the COVID restrictions permit).

– Release toxic patterns that allow toxic people and circumstances to continue to have access to my life.

– Live in more love and less fear.

What about you? What are your resolutions? Do any of mine resonate? Share your thoughts below.

In gratitude,

Claudrine Arnell

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