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Art of Lovely: Spring cleaning your closet

My Top 4 Tips to organizing your closet this spring!


I believe that spring is not only a symbol of rebirth but of detoxing all parts of our lives (I will share my detox tips soon!). With the season of blooms upon us, I find it quite necessary to dedicate time to clearing out and reorganizing my closet.

The new year was not so long ago and one of my resolutions was to focus more on quality instead of quantity in all areas of my life. So I have been adding this principle to my springtime “closet detox” as well. Around this time of year, we’re switching our warmer pieces for lighter clothes and our wardrobes are in dire need of an adjustment. So when it comes to deep cleaning a closet, the best strategy is to identify the clutter and release! Before we begin, it’s notable to add that sometimes we can be emotional hoarders and have a deep attachment to our heaps of clothing. Therefore, to get in the right mindset, just imagine what your perfect closet looks like. You can write it down, draw it or even use a scrapbook, what’s important is to have a visual to keep you focused and free from any distractions. Also, it’s best to set a weekend apart to carry out the task and maximize your efforts.

So now, on to my top 4 tips on getting the job done:

🔸Note: you will need a notepad and suitcase or bag to use as a donation pile.

1. Separate to elevate

First, begin by taking out take out all of the pieces of clothing from your closet and by placing them on your bed or an armchair, for example.

Then make a separation: note your daily pieces and then those that are for special occasions.

Finally, toss into the first pile your day-to-day clothing and in the other the pieces that are more formal.

Now within each pile, select the clothing that is no longer needed for the warmer temperatures and place them in a storage area.

Owing to these cirycumstances, in both piles (casual and formal) there should only be spring/summer apparel that remains.

This task allows you to have a panoramic view of your clutter and makes the following selection much easier and more practical.

2. Assess the situation

Firstly, ask yourself this: “When was the last time I wore this?” This question seems super simple but is the starting point of any closet organization.

If you have not worn the piece within the last year, you should kindly place it in your donation pile. As stated above, it’s easy to put sentimental value on certain clothes, as some do hold sentimental value and share precious memories, but you need to stay the course.

The boundary you should establish is this simple principle: if it wasn’t worn for a special occasion or handed down to you from a favorite friend or relative, chances are you can survive without it.

I’ve also added the following guide as a referral if you’re having a hard time creating your piles.



There you go! Now toss it into your donation pile and on to our next step.


3. Define your signature style


Now is the time to write down some keywords about what you want your wardrobe to reflect style-wise.

Here are some examples:


-preppy chic

-modern elegance

– edgy

You can look through some magazines and peruse fashion sites for inspiration but whatever you choose as your signature style, ask yourself this follow-up question:

“How do these pieces reflect my current or evolving style?”

Mindlessly following “fast trends” and binge shopping is what over- saturates our closets in the first place. Most season-specific trends don’t return for many years, wreaking havoc on your closet over time.

The best strategy is to shop with your signature style in mind and be intentional about what you allow into your closet.

Ideally, your wardrobe should be a reflection of a carefully curated signature style, reflecting who you want to be. Even if it’s currently an evolving concept (style should be fluid anyways), at least you’re on your way to building a sustainable wardrobe that is quality based and thus, a worthy investment.


4. The Give Away

This is actually my favorite part because it can brighten someone’s day and add a touch of compassion to their lives.

Growing up, giving away clothing that we no longer used was something that my parents advocated and that I’ve always done, even when living abroad.

Start by making a list of the local charities or donation centers that you can bring your giveaway pile to. You’ll simply have to make a quick stop to your neighborhood charity, church, or any donation establishment that holds a particular meaning to you.

Another idea is a “clothing swap” event. My church in Paris hosted one for our ladies life group and it was epic. The concept is quite simple: everyone cane with some clothing to donate and the pieces were organized in different sections for each type (shoes were displayed in one area, accessories, then dresses and bags in another). Each clothing swap has its set of rules but in general, a person should bring at least 3 articles, be cordial and choose items that are your size.

So why not plan your own get-together at your home, invite friends over and swap away? It’s actually a win-win concept as you save on new items and made space for them at the same time!

So there you have it, now you’re ready to kick off your closet clean-out and begin your journey to a lovely wardrobe that represents you and your signature style!


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