Dear Lovelies, elegance is truly an age-old concept that has mesmerized many, inspired others and even intimidated some.

But it is not as unattainable as you may believe. Actually, true elegance is multifaceted concept and adjustable to the times we live in.

In fact, modern elegance is a diverse canvas of beautiful aesthetics, codes, philosophies, and rituals. Elegance is in the way you live your life, your perspectives, your taste, your beliefs and habits. It is all encompassing and can be tailored to one’s individual needs.

As long as the major outlines are established, you’re free to adjust and personalize the classic traits of elegance to your personality.

Here are the Journey To Lovely’s 4 Pillars of Elegance to help you on your Journey To Lovely:

1. A Signature Style

Naya Rivera un crimson red and elegant accents.

Being an elegant woman is about knowing who you are and confidently expressing your identity with your fashion sense. That’s why finding your signature style is so important. Once you’ve established your personal style brand, you can then curate a capsule collection of pieces of your choice that highlight your elegant taste.

Remember, it’s not about squeezing into a cookie-cutter false-self. It’s about following the classic codes of elegance and adapting those rules to you.

Also, part of your style is your grooming rituals: how you style your hair, nails and do your makeup. This completes the package of your personal brand, which is the visual you present to the world. It is the beautiful bow that ties your Feminine Signature Style together.

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Find Your Feminine Style Archetype- By Claudrine Arnell

2. Sophisticated Discretion

Discretion is an art that if mastered well, can be life-changing.

An elegant woman is discreet and understands the power of sophisticated discretion. She is not loud, brash or aggressive. She uses elegant language, filled with an enriched vocabulary. She knows that boundaries are fundamental and doesn’t over share her personal life and issues. She keeps secrets and knows that in high society and elite spaces, discretion is a treasured value.

Also, being discreet gives you an air of mystery and a certain je ne sait quoi that is attractive and magnetic.

A woman of discretion is a woman who remains serene under pressure. She keeps a positive outlook on life and maintains an inner peace and unshakable self-possession.

3. Impeccable Poise

Beautiful Kelly in a dazzling gown displaying elegant poise.

When you are confident in your skin and found your signature style, you will need to practice good posture, dainty mannerism, alluring demeanor and feminine gestures.

Poise is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as, “a stable balanced state (equilibrium). An easy self-possessed assurance of manner: gracious tact in coping or handling”.

Also: the pleasantly tranquil interaction between persons of poise. A particular way of carrying oneself (bearing, carriage).

This definition reflects why poise is one of the pillars of elegance. It concerns your deportment, the way you carry yourself in private as well as in public. Your public persona and conduct is simply an extension of your daily behavior. That is why when practicing elegant poise, it important to start within. How you feel on the inside and in intimate settings is eventually highlighted on the outside and in public.

An elegant woman knows that her clothes don’t make her, but she makes her clothes.

Slouching, hunching over and slumping around will make the most beautiful couture gown look terrible. So it’s important for your overall look but also for your health, to improve your posture and grow in elegance. I’ve done ballet for over 16 years and it has helped with my posture, my walk and my balance. An elegant activity like ballet, ballroom dancing, tango, or even modeling can help you feel more elegant and graceful. A woman of poise, which includes good posture and elegant bearing, cultivates this timeless trait daily- from the supermarket to the opera.

4. Graceful Compassion

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex in a touching moment with Amara, a young admirer.

Although the elegant woman has firm boundaries, she remains kind and forgiving. She understands that she is on her personal growth journey and everyone is going at their own pace and so she practices graceful compassion.

She may continue to engage if there is a positive reason to pursue the connection and reconcile after clearly affirming her views on moving forward.

If things are too far gone, she forgives the transgression and gracefully removes herself from the situation.

The elegant woman is compassionate with herself and others. She practices graces and doesn’t hold herself to an impossible standard of perfection. She is always looking for ways to encourage and uplift those around her.

Finally, the elegant woman understands that true compassion starts within and practices healthy self-care. She takes the necessary time to unwind, relax and meditate. She values a balanced life and removes negative self talk. She speaks affirmations over her life and puts her needs first as she can’t pour from an empty cup. Here are some tips to encourage you to practice self-care.

An elegant woman pours kindness into the world, from her cup of self-compassion and grace.

Let me know which traits you already possess or are currently working on? Remember, your Journey To Lovely begins within.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

With love & joy,


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