Welcome back lovelies! How is your summer going?

I hope you all are staying hydrated and safe. I’m so excited to introduce a new series: my monthly top 5 picks!

It will be a list of 5 Editorial coup de cœurs, curated specifically for you all!

Ranging from the latest beauty products, fashion news, to book launches and amazing TV shows and content!

So we begin with My Top Editorial picks for August 2020!

1)/ Face Serum: Caudalie’s VinoPerfect

Best Seller is literally my favorite serum and secret weapon against dull skin. I decided to add it back to my post- “quarantine” skin care routine! It’s adds the perfect glow and helps with clearing up spots and even adds a beautiful layer of softness. I literally saw a difference within 3 days. My skin was more even and pores were smaller. And that glow tho!

2/ Audiobook: A Year Of Miracles: Daily Devotional and Reflections by Marianne Williamson

I’ve been organizing myself more and establishing a better morning routine. It’s really important for me to start my day with a positive mindset. That’s why a devotional like this one was the perfect way to kickstart my week! Especially as an an audio book! I’m so happy I’ve implemented this awesome habit and hope to keep being enlightened by the many insights shared by the author. Here is a powerful excerpt:

“The true me, my holy self, is beyond any limits of the mortal world. As God lives inside me, so does His brilliance and infinite power. As I dwell in that knowledge, recognizing and appreciating His divine spirit that resides in all of us, I receive the charisma of a self-confident person”

– Marianne Williamson

3/ Puff Sleeves dress by Solace London

I’m so looking forward to being out and about a bit more. All while staying safe of course and these puff sleeves are the perfect statement piece for your next girl‘s night out or summer event!

What I love about puff sleeves: they are feminine, luxe and playful- capturing the essence of the Lovely summer look!

How would you style this  sculptural, sunshine-colored silk minidress by SOLACE London?

4/ The “Paris en Fleur” Candle by Diptyque

This delicate luxury candle is a limited edition by the Parisian company and a lovely way of bringing a bit of Paris to your home. With it’s rose petals scent and fresh patchouli notes, it honors the soul of Paris while adding a beautiful Parisienne aroma to your surroundings.

5/ Acrylic Desk organizer

Although it’s technically still summer, with the amazing Style Guide launch coming up and tons of other surprises as well, it’s important to stay organized! There are so many deadlines to keep up with that it was imperative to remain on top of things! This cute organization system is a great reminder and fantastic item to keep you on track during these summer days. It’s aesthetically pleasing and allows you to keep your desk items in one easy to access spot! As an entrepreneur work never stops altogether and so why not make the journey easier? It’s really the little things!

So that was it for our August “Lovely Favorites”!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

What are your favorite items this month?

Share your August “coups de cœurs” below!

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