An elegant lady is not moved by trends or keeping up with the Jones.

She is secure in her keen eye for quality and refined taste for all things timeless.

In our latest article, we share the top 5 ‘Signature Bags’ that are luxury investments, combining age-old craftsmanship and modern practicality.

These 5 graceful designs will never depreciate in value-both financially and sartorially speaking and remain staples of elegance for a lifetime.

1. The Hermès Birkin

The Birkin is a worldwide staple of elegance and status.

I remember my aunt collecting them and was always curious about her collection. One day, I decided to ask her what made Hermès Birkins so special? She smiled and through a faint chuckle asserted: “it’s their premium leather Claudrine, the craftsmanship is unique and one of kind. Hermès is simply unparalleled.”

Well, at that age, I just remained fascinated but now, I’ve had my share of experiences and can sincerely appreciate the detailed savoir-faire that goes into creating the what can be considered the “finest bags on earth”.

Birkins are limited edition. You need a purchase precedent or a “garant” (an Hermès client to vouch for you) to have access, they are handmade, the manufacturing process is a traditional fine art, the leather is premium and of highest quality and the crafters use a specific centuries-old style of stitching.

Therefore, the completed Birkin bag is a unique work of art: from start to finish, is sewn, polished and painted by hand with the utmost care.

2. The Hermès Kelly

The Kelly bag, formerly known as the Sac à dépêches by Hermès wife (who needed a bag to hold her saddles), is a leather handbag designed by the Paris-based, high-fashion luxury-goods manufacturer Hermès. The bag was redesigned several times before it was popularized by and then named after the American actress and Monégasque princess Grace Kelly.

The Kelly bag, to this day, is one of the most popular styles amongst the Hermès collections. Much like the namesake, the Kelly bag does ooze elegance and can be perfectly accompanied for any given occasion.

3. The Prada Galleria (Saffiano leather)

The quintessence of timeless elegance, the Prada Galleria bag is named after the historic Prada store opened in 1913 by Mario Prada in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. Tradition and modernity meet in the sophisticated, minimalist design of the Saffiano leather bag.

4. The Louis Vuitton Alma

Structure, elegance, character – such is the nature of this Louis Vuitton


classic. Descended from a colorful and charismatic lineage, the Alma bag has long since made a name for itself. It’s about time we told its story.

Louis Vuitton’s Alma was custom designed for Coco Chanel in 1925, but was not released to the public until 1930, when she gave her permission. Expertly assembled to maintain its structured shape, the Alma is crafted of Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram on coated canvas, and features a Vachetta leather bottom and handles. For those days you want to follow Coco’s most famous maxim, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”, carry the Alma.

5. The Chanel 2.55

A singular rectangular shape
created by Gabrielle
in February 1955, a date to remember.

The timeless Chanel 2.55-named for the bag’s birthday, as it was created in February 1955-rendered in buttery, lambskin black leather, is a true investment piece; Coco Chanel created this iconic shoulder-strap design when she grew tired of carrying her bag on her forearm. (Fun fact: The interior pocket was meant to be used solely for carrying love letters). Taken care of properly, this immaculate vintage gem will last you a lifetime, and never depreciate in value-both financially and sartorially speaking: The iconic chain strap, double-C logo closure (introduced by Karl Lagerfeld in the 1980s), and diamond quilting never go out of style.

Which bag would you indulge in as an investment piece? Which one(s) do you already own? Are there others you’d add to the list?

Share your thoughts below!

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