With the final episode of Game of thrones came the end of one of television’s most popular and iconic series. It also ushered in an era in television where women’s roles and images were being painted with equal representation and authority in a medieval, male dominant setting. But in the last season, the empowered woman narrative seemed to have been dismissed.

As women, we are multifaceted, worthy of respect, fit for positions of influence, competent in our leadership abilities and can still be feminine, vulnerable and connected to our emotions.- Claudrine Arnell

The HBO fantasy drama, was a grandiose show of epic battles, great actors, jaw-dropping storylines, breathtaking cinematography and special effects.

It was beyond a show, it became a movement.

We grew up with the characters, chose our favorites, dismissed others, followed the crew as they evolved before our eyes for over 8 years. Their victories, losses, journeys, growth and even traumas were splashed across our screens as they each carved out their unique paths and narratives.

But as the season 8 began, a few things in the writing seemed amiss. However, one theme primarily stuck out to me.

It’s as if there was a defeatist, even pessimistic narrative given to the women characters, especially Daenerys Tagaryen.

The Mother of Dragons, who had wooed us from the very first episode, as an innocent young blonde, was sold, married off, and became the queen of a people she didn’t know. She had to learn a new lifestyle, heal from abuse, overcome grief and widowhood, become a mother and find herself through it all.

On her quest for a better sense of self and a better world, Daenerys had to come face to face with her fears, determine her values, explore her options, push boundaries and build a team of trusted advisors, all while remaining sound of mind and credible.

Through, this epic wild ride of rival families, creepy whitewalkers and gruesome wars; her character arc had evolved into a powerful, heroic and influential feminine icon.

As she gathered her internal and external forces to conquer the Iron Throne, her character developed into a fierce feminist ruler. By season 7, she has incarnated into a dragon-riding, morally just, breaker of chains, military hero and leader of one of the most vicious armies in the land.

We stan an unproblematic queen who represents a multifaceted view of womanhood!

So to see it all crumble before our eyes, in just one season after taking 7 to build up to- was disturbing to say the least.

So I had to leave my views on the game of thrones page:

My point was to critique the way Daenerys’ character arc and struggles fell into an elementary mindset that still plague our society. It it reminded me of when Hillary Clinton was deemed too emotional during the campaign.

The following CNN article, seems to share the same sentiments:

Once Daenerys landed in Westeros and launched her military campaign, however, the show began to frame her ambition as evidence of her unfitness to rule. The wildly popular show has started covering its frontrunner female candidate in much the same way that Hillary Clinton was treated during the 2016 election, relitigating her worst mistakes, overlooking her accomplishments, and suggesting that perhaps we’ve always been wrong to like her.

In her book, Nice girls don’t get the cover office: unconscious mistakes that women make (…)– Lois P. Frankel,PhD.demonstrates how women are often sidetracked on the way to positions of power and responsibility because of archaic views.

Furthermore, it was extremely symbolic to see the delicate, beautiful and vulnerable image of Missandei, the young Black advisor and aide juxtaposed with the brutal, decomposing and violent brute called the Mountain.

Her fragile frame standing before her love Greyworm and her friend Daenerys, moments before being savagely beheaded by the series’ “Frankenstein”, utter her last words with fierce conviction: “Dracary”!

It seemed to be the last straw for Daenerys. After suffering so long, after overcoming so much and still be doubted and see Jon be loved and looked up to, after losing her two children, losing half her army and ressources- she snapped.

I get it. But why push her to the edge? Or why not incorporate a storyline that allows her to reassess her objectives and strategize new plans?

No wonder the outrage of how Daenerys narrative evolved over the course of season 8 is understandable and justified.

I got so many replies and interaction from my post which ended up at almost 1k likes, with women who connected to the general sentiment of feeling let down by the storyline.

Well, I’m sorry that women that chose to share how they felt watching a character they connect to on many levels literally deteriorate into a a stereotypical “crazy woman” who can’t handle a position of power.

GOT, we were rooting for you, we were all rooting for you (in my Tyra Banks voice)

How could you?!

So now that I’ve let that off my chest, I wanted to put the storyline and the ending to rest. Even Kit Harrington during the table read was visibly affected by how Danu’s story ended. There is also an online petition to change the ending and rewrite the season. So it’s safe to say, it’s not just me.

So to honor the name, legacy and iconic character that was Daenerys Targaryen, we can tap into our inner Khaleesi and go conquer our world.

For me, personally, it means to be fearless, beautiful, strong, unapologetic yet fair-minded and honorable.

To walk in my truth and not be caught up in being a people pleaser. To be authentic, to know that I am worthy of respect, that my time is valuable, that I am free to express my views and can be transparent in voicing my opinion.

To me it is fining the strength in vulnerability.

Especially when I feel overwhelmed by this world’s views and opinions that don’t reflect my truth and my principles.

To me it’s about self-care, balance, taking care of my needs and being in harmony with myself and God.

To me it’s about walking in my purpose and knowing my worth.

To me it’s about pursuing my Journey To Lovely.

How will you “Unleash your Khaleesi” today?

Let me know in the comments below!

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