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Art of Lovely: Proper rules of introduction


“First impressions are the most lasting.” – English Proverb

🌸In this post from the “Art of Lovely” series, we will take a look at 3 basic steps to master the Art of a “Proper Introduction” in a formal or business setting:

1. To execute a flawless introduction of yourself:

Official Meeting of First Lady Michelle Obama and Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.


Always begin with giving your first and last name. Then you can add your job title if the context requires it and end with the traditional pleasantries of meeting and greeting.

Your tone should be cordial yet friendly and always be open to partake in a bit of small talk.

Here is a classic example:

“Hello, my name is Carrie Smith. I work in the Communications Department at Pine Real Estate agency. Pleasure to meet you.”


2. How to introduce someone to a third party:

First Lady Jackie Kennedy and her husband President John F. Kennedy during an introduction at the White House.


When you are the one conducting the introduction of someone to another, like anything done properly there are guidelines: it is common courtesy to start by introducing the younger people to the older ones; the men to the women and in a circle where there is a hierarchy, start by introducing the highest ranking member to the lower ranking member.

In a context where both parties are of the same ranking, simply introduce the other to the party you are more familiar with.


3. The correct posture and mannerism during an introduction:

Official Meeting of Heads of State by her Excellence, the Honorable Michaëlle Jean, Governor general of Canada.
Photo: Cplc Jean-Francois Neron, Rideau Hall

In our last post on the Art of Lovely series we discussed having good posture. It remains a staple in any setting and especially during an introduction. To begin, simply stand up straight and extend your hand confidently to the person you are greeting. It is often said that a lot can be determined by one’s handshake, so make sure it is firm and always opt for making eye contact.

🎬 Want a quick visual of these tips? Click on the link below and see me demonstrate the proper introduction etiquette:


🤝Hope these lovely introduction tips will be useful for your next formal gathering.

Thanks again for stopping by!