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Art of Lovely: Business Email Etiquette

Hi lovelies, this month our new posts will be career-focused and promote empowerment through our work and professional journeys. The site will cover business-related topics and today we’ll look into a very useful and essential practice: the art of writing a professional email. In this day and age, online communications take up the majority of […]

Art of Lovely: 3 key career tips

Hello Lovelies, in honor of Women’s History Month, it is my pleasure to share some of my experiences as an international jurist transitioning into the fashion industry and how they’ve allowed me to glean at least 3 major keys to career success. So whatever line of work you are currently pursuing, you can apply these […]

Art of Lovely: Honoring International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s day and Women’s History month! After methaphorically slaying dragons in a lovely editorial fairytale , I’m ready to tackle the real world! For the entire month of March, the blog will focus on all things #empowerment: from career and studies advice to time management, interviews, success stories and feeling confident in your work and […]

Art of Lovely: “Every Woman is royalty”

One of my favorite quotes from a movie stems from the classic 1995 film, “A little princess”. The protagonist Sarah (which actually means princess), in an iconic scene, takes a stand against internalized misogyny, prejudice and classism all in one sensibly and boldly wrapped message— delivered with a twinkling of hope. It is such a […]

Art of Lovely: Proper rules of introduction

  “First impressions are the most lasting.” – English Proverb 🌸In this post from the “Art of Lovely” series, we will take a look at 3 basic steps to master the Art of a “Proper Introduction” in a formal or business setting: 1. To execute a flawless introduction of yourself:   Always begin with giving […]

Art of Lovely: How to be more feminine

  It is often said that femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication. With this “Art of Lovely” series, we’ll explore the various ways of being more #ladylike as we seek to add more loveliness to our lives. One improvement can be adding touches of femininity to our daily lives as a way of cultivating […]