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Lovely Spaces: La Durée SOHO, New York




La Durée SOHO

What better way to celebrate my trip from Paris than to visit the amazing La Durée in Soho?
I can hardly think of any!
Being that my it is my favorite tearoom and I’m such a fan of the “univers La Durée”, with its whimsical touch while still preserving its old world heritage.
And that is the exact feeling I got while walking into the SOHO macaron temple.

Although I do believe nothing compares to the flagship establishment in Paris, because of its grandeur and history, its Yankee sibling definitely held her own.

Indeed, no need to engage in any sibling rivalry, the beauty, sophistication and kind service I witnessed as I walked into the hall was a sure sign that what was to come would be fantastic.

I waited on my dear friend, Janna who made reservations for a “teatime for two”.
I sat in the delightfully quaint waiting area until she arrived and we were quickly seated in the larger tea room area.

As a brand, La Durée is a signature style, an aesthetic, even a spirit- so it was great to see that the decor respected the formal French style that make it a cultural heirloom.

As we sat down, luck was definitely on our side because it was the last day of the holiday menu.
I chose the most feminine and regal pastry: the “Marie-Antoinette bûchette”: a pastel pink dreamy creation that seemed to have escaped the Queen’s Versailles boudoir. I was completely enchanted by the  rose-flavored mini-cake with its lavish rococo design, dripping with festive molded accents and edible frills and pearls. A royal treat if I’ve ever seen one.

Continuing the splendour of our teatime treats, Jana chose the Celeste bûchette shaped in the letter “C”: a sublime dessert made with a crispy hazelnut and almond biscuit, topped with hazelnut biscuit, mousse and praline.

(Pictured below) 

We both enjoyed our holiday pastries, accompanied by a lovely tea selection: the Marie-Antoinette tea and it was the perfect choice, for my deliciously rose flavored bûchette.

It was the perfect place for a girlie and sophisticated tea time and I would definitely love to return for lunch or dinner.

What are your favorite treats by La Durée?


▫️Outfit details:

➖dress: Valerian Hughes Haute Couture

➖boots: Cole Haan

➖pearl necklace: vintage (gift from my grandma)



An Ode To Paris

Paris… My dear Paris…


I came to you quite naive and filled with dreams of macarons and Amélie-inspired clichés.

My rose colored glasses of what you would be were quickly tossed for the reality of Your sharp pragmatism, diverse cultural issues and Carthasian spirit.

You have no time for the fluff and tested me beyond my limit. You can be rude, arrogant and even prejudiced and so I quickly realized you were not for the faint of heart. I’ve seen you eat people alive and spit them out, unbothered. 

I told myself, who does this city think she is? I’ve made it through NY, Washington DC even London! But in time, I understood your strength.

Your opulent and sometimes austere countenance is a constant reminder of your iconic status.

You stand on centuries of plagues, bloodshed, monarchies, revolutions and here I am a little island gal in the face of a gargantuan Marianne. Very David and Goliath-esque but instead of settling it with rocks, I decided to rock with you.

Everytime I thought “this place will break me”, you were like a relentless coach, who taunted me because you saw something in me. My potential some will say. My dad refers to The diamond in me. 

Your fierce pressure can destroy beyond recognition or create the purest, most precious of gems.

Now I see why your most iconic monument is called the “Iron Lady”. 

Indeed, You are a “Dame de Fer”- and through the fire of your trials, I was refined into the lady I am today.

In time, your quintessential avenues and monuments were more than just landmarks, they were captures of my life, memories of love lost and found, steps into my destiny and meetings with people who’ve impacted me forever.

But you are also, and still remain the City of Love.

And so today, at the top of this new year, I will show you some Amour💖

I am truly humbled to say that I survived your challenges, the craziness, the times I cried myself to sleep, the hypocrisy, fakeness, rigid mentalities and restrictive behaviors… But I did learn, my goodness did I learn. #GrowingPains indeed.

You are a modern day Sparta and I thank you, my beloved Paris, for building the Warrior in me.