Discover Your Lovely

The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Personal Style Muse!

“Having a timeless signature style is the hallmark of the elegant woman.”

-Claudrine Arnell

What if four stylish personas could inspire your style awakening? What if four sophisticated muses helped define your signature style? What if four elegant icons guided you to a clear vision of timeless taste?

Search no more, four fabulous Style Icons, will embark you on a journey to “Discover Your Lovely”!

If you want to grow in femininity, increase your confidence and cultivate more elegance, this eBook’s unique style identification method will unlock the secrets to feminine grace and guarantee that you are never without poise, class and an irresistible allure!

From the Vintage Vixen, to the Lovely Lady including the Silver Screen Siren and the Glam Goddess, each style muse offers pearls of wisdom to tailor to your specific taste, as you bloom into your most elegant self.

Written with sophisticated panache, while maintaining a relatable girl-next-door tone, Claudrine takes her readers on a journey to unravel the style secrets that embody each of the feminine style archetypes presented in the book. By getting familiar with your favourite style icon, you’ll be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and begin your style metamorphosis.

This book is an indispensable guide to uncovering your unique style signature and becoming the elegant Muse of your dreams!