Mrs. Kelly was a true Hollywood Icon who left her star-studded life behind to become the beloved Princess of #Monaco.

Her #JourneyToLovely turned into a real life fairy tale when she married into the royal Monegasque family by marrying Prince Ranier III and became apart of History.

Today on the blog, we’re exploring her effortlessly elegant style which inspired women worldwide and even scored her an iconic namesake design with Maison Hermès, the legendary “Kelly Bag”.

From Hollywood styling to royal protocol, scroll down to see how Grace Kelly’s fashion evolution can inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and create your own signature style.

1. Experimenting freely

The lovely Grace beautifully embraced other items that may seem basic or casual, but she instantly made them synonymous with her elegant style.

Indeed, casual accessories like tortoiseshell sunnies, chic turbans, luxe flats and even loose blouses, became am intrinsic part of her stylish wardrobe.

Grace experimented to find what worked for her and yet remained true to her authentic style. Proving that elegance surpasses one’s exterior accoutrements and that’s something we can all be inspired by!

2. Owning her femininity

Whether delicately sashaying across movie screens, attending the Academy Awards or walking down the aisle at the Palace of Monaco, Grace’s extremely feminine and elegant style is still legendary. In Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief, her iconic blue gown is still one of Hollywood’s most memorable sartorial moments and one of the The 20 Greatest Movie Dresses of All Time according to Marie Claire. While her Tinseltown gowns and later, her Royal dresses themselves made an entrance – with floor-length voluminous skirts or allover lace – she never let a dress wear her. Her tailored designs and silhouette-hugging outlines, highlighted her gorgeous frame perfectly. Learning to adapt your clothing to your shape allows you to not be overpowered by the clothes but be empowered by revealing your personal style and allowing your true self to shine.

And you don’t need a tiara or crown to do so!

3. Embrace signature staples

In our article on the best signature bags to own, we highlighted how Grace Kelly was the first person to have an Hermès bag named after her: the “Kelly.” While we can’t all have designer handbags with our names on them, we aim to create our own signature accents as she did, with the tons of other accessories at our disposal.

Her signature essentials were her polished pearls and luxe printed Hermès scarfs which became synonymous with her elegant style.

How will you apply these “Grace-full” rules to your life? Leave your thoughts below.

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