Paris: What I love about the City of Lights

In honor the lovely summer days we are currently basking in, I wanted to share 5 lovely things “I Love About Living In Paris”:

1)- The Food: L’excellence culinaire.

Kind of cliché right? But there is a reason French Cuisine earned a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List! It is heavenly. I Love stopping by the “Grange à Pain” patisseries. They make the best breads and most scrumptious desserts! My top 3: la galette des rois, their nougatier and their fraisier (with strawberry & pistache filling).

The La Durée & Pierre Hermé macarons of course and the quaint restaurants in the latin quarter are some of my weak spots.

Also, love the selection at the grocery stores, even the microwaveable foods are gourmet!

2)- The Architecture: Entre Beaux Arts et Art nouveau.

Yes, it’s true. It is the “most beautiful city in the world”. It’s a place where art, beauty and refinement abound. From the Champs Elysées to the Château de Versailles, passing through the Jardins du Luxembourg and the iconic Montmartre- Paris is blessed with legendary architecture and scenery.

One thing that stands out are the distinctive rooftops that adorn the Parisian skyline. It’s all very ‘magnifique’… But beauty isn’t everything. I would like to see some of that outer beauty on the inside of more Parisians. (Ever heard of the psychological disorder coined “the Paris Syndrome”?: But, all in all, if you have the heart of an artist- like me, this is your city! ♡

3)- The Diversity: Une mixité dynamique.

I like that in Paris you can meet people from everywhere. In that sense, it reminds me of New York. I find it enriching how you can bump into someone from Guadeloupe and turn around and hear Russian in the background. In my university classes, I have met people from Poland to Congo and one of my best friends is from Vietnam… Gotta love it <3 4)- The Love of Learning: La soif de l'instruction. There is a rich culture of intellectualism that goes back to the Roman Empire. In France, even if you don't pay for cable you get 6 free channels (chaînes nationales). I love how, though each channel has its distinct audience and programs, they all provide educational and intellectually stimulating shows. Plus, the heritage of la Sorbonne and other great universities promotes this thirst for knowledge. And on the first Sunday of each month, the entry to illustrious museums such as the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay open their doors, for free, to the general public! 5)- La joie de vivre: le plus fructueux de tous les arts! This is one that I encounter more with the older generation of Parisians than the new one. That warm-friendly-pleasantly-happy-to-be-alive feeling is getting so scarce these days! But hope is not lost. Many a time, I'd be walking around and randomly go into a little store somewhere in Bastille or St Michel and be welcomed by a warm smile & next thing I know, I end up talking up a storm about life, its precious moments, the good ol' days... Le Paris d'antan... what my friends call, the "conversation marathon" (yes, I love to talk :D). It's that "joie de vivre" that is becoming rare little "pépittes d'or" (nuggets of gold), but when you surround yourself with people who cultivate it, you help make the world a better place- one smile at a time.