At this point in History, we are all faced with choosing on which side of Justice we stand.

With the global outcry for equality, following the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Albert and George Floyd along with countless others, we have all come together to stand up for what is right. It is not political or even about branding or business. Human rights should not be diluted into a toxic blend of performative, capitalistic and opportunistic influencer-driven drivel.

These precious souls and their lives are far more worthy than hashtags and headlines. We can no longer go back to complacency once the buzz dies down. This is the reality for all people of color and most notably, Black people.

Our societies around the world are now engaging with these topics that were deemed taboo, uncomfortable or simply unimportant.

But this is what got us to this boiling point in the first place. Ignoring the abuse and the injustice won’t make it go away.

That is why seeing allies stand up with Black voices and tackling this collective issue with the authenticity and sincerity it deserves is refreshing and much needed.

It is not an easy fight and for many, racism isn’t just happening since it started trending. This has been happening to the Black community for decades and we’ve been fighting for justice and peace for centuries across the world.

Although, I do denounce “performative allyship” which is basically hopping on the bandwagon of the ‘Black lives matter’ trend and hashtag without it being sincere and instead it being selfishly motivated to save face.

Indeed, self- serving posts have no place in this movement which is about healing from and dismantling oppression. The pain of centuries of abuse should not be capitalized upon. This is not only common sense but ethical, honorable and simply humane.

The majority of people, brand and their Ben institutions have been researching and wanting to become allies to come together during this time.

They are open to doing the work and being more vocal than ever and it has been truly inspiring to see.

However, some people may still be feeling clueless, helpless or even confused and don’t know where to start.

This article is geared towards that.

Keep reading for practical ways to help:


1- Donate and invest in communities affected by racism

It’s important to act with intention and putting our money where our mouths are is a great way to start.

These anti-racist movements need our support and finances make a huge difference when battling a global systemic issue.

Not everyone can donate but sharing the information is already a step forward and saving up for a donation is also a practical option.

Whatever the organization you choose, your participation is valuable and needed.

-George Floyd Memorial Fund

– I run with Maud

-NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund

– Communities United Against Police Brutality


2- Educate Yourself

We are literally living in the digital age, were information overflows and we are able to have free access to so many ressources.

If you are interested in learning how to dismantle racism within yourself first and then in the outer world, the steps are readily available.

If you are on the receiving end of racism and want to learn how to navigate and overcome the challenges that are rooted in racial trauma, there are mental health specialists and resources also to help you on your healing journey.

Whether Black or White or in between, we are all affected by racism.

Here are a few ressources:

A)- Black Mental Health Resources

B)- Anti-Racism Resources

C)- Resources

D)- 52 Black Businesses to support



3)-Stand For Justice

Vote. Take a stand by doing your civic duty. This is a huge electron year for many around the world. Let your voice be heard in those ballots lovelies.

Your vote matters.

If you wish, you can also show solidarity by joining a peaceful protest. However, do not engage in any protest that puts your personal safety at risk.

And remember, silence isn’t the answer. Everyone should be using their social media platforms to help amplify melanated voices. Now that everyone has posted their black squares, what happens next? Well now it’s time to share resources with your audience who may not find these anywhere else. Share the petitions, share the donation links, and share Black voices that they should follow online. Another great initiative is to find Black-owned businesses in your city or state to support. Do the research, share your findings, and continue the chain of support. Black lives need you and your platform right now and moving forward. There are visuals and lists that are available to help with this info and Black Lives Matter has graphics you can use to share your support as well.


So how will you join the Battle for justice? How have you been elevating and uplifting Black Voices? Let me know below.


Thanks so much for stopping by.


Kindly add any additional resources that can help or any experience you wish to share.

This is a safe place for Black Voices.


With love, peace and joy,


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