UNICEF’s goal is to promote and champion the cause of children across the globe.

The international organization has recently published an eye opening article on ‘the state of the world’s children in 2019’.

The article is a detailed piece which raises awareness on the latest findings on concerning issues that children face today, particularly malnutrition, climate change and urbanization. Themes that present a worldwide burden which systematically threatens the survival, growth and development of children, economies and societies.

One of the causes that we would like to highlight is UNICEF’s advocacy for the right to nutritious foods for every child.

According to the non-profit organization’s statistics, 1 in 3 is either undernourished or overweight.

Their website lists some actions to help in this noble fight to help every child have access to clean, healthy and nutritious foods. What I find interesting is the research from the article displaying that malnutrition has many layers. Most notably, it is not only about being underfed but also overeating, which leads to obesity and other health problems. There was also an example where some families are battling nutritional challenges on different ends of the spectrum such as cases where the mother is overweight but her child is stunted.

The work of the UNICEF organization continues to educate communities on the best ways to deal with this worldwide issue.

Furthermore, one way to not only raise awareness but also bring light to the many activists and sister-organizations of the UNICEF is through galas and high-end functions.

Last night, October 28th was the UNICEF’s 7th annual gala, an event in honor of the efforts of NextGen (A UNICEF charity) devoted to protecting the world’s most vulnerable children.

This prestigious gala has already raised over 2 million dollars over the years in support of UNICEF’s lifesaving work.

The worldwide organization leaves us with this question to ponder as we enter 2020:

Why are so many children eating too little of what they need, while an increasing number of children are eating too much of what they don’t need?

For more information: www.unicef.org


Let me know what you think about the fight against malnutrition? What changes have you made to better your nutritional habits?

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