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So today we’ll stretch our imaginations and envision that we can buy anything! With an unlimited budget, it would be easy to get carried away and go on a never-ending shopping spree. But what if we disciplined our wants to seek out investment pieces that stand the test of time and trends?Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, The Classics. 7 investment pieces you can count on and pass on.

1. A Rolex.

This luxury item is definitely a kick off for our list because if really- if we don’t have goals in life- what are we doing? The King of timepieces, the legendary Rolex, is a treasure for you and to pass on as a precious heirloom.

2. The Burberry trench

Well, it doesn’t get more classic than the good ol British trench. A style that has surpassed trends and seasons, to become a style staple worldwide.

3. The Birkin bag

This amazing classic bag is so chic and elegant. It captures the renowned craftsmanship of talented artisans using the finest leather and years of savoir-faire. An icon. A status. “It’s not a bag ladies, it’s a Birkin”

The Hermès scarf
It is simply iconic. And it can double as a chic bag accessory. Not only do scarfs add instant glamour to any look, having an Hermès one is a definite upgrade and status symbol.
A cashmere cardigan
The empress of fabrics, has been known to to keep one warm and stylish. There is no texture softer than a quality cashmere. Not up for debate and with the holidays around the corner, you won’t regret the difference in printing from ordinary wool of cotton.

Ray ban aviators

Such a classic pair and gives off a timeless beauty look.

A quality wallet

Your holds your money and should portray wealth and elegance.

This Bottega Venetta leather wallet is the perfect one made from high quality Italian leather. For my vegans, look for alternatives at luxury stores like Longchamps, which use different fabrics instead.

Thanks for reading guys! Do you have any additional items to add? Share below!


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