Hi lovelies, this month we will continue with our career-focused interview series to promote women empowerment through our professional journeys.

Our next interview is with the talented and multifaceted singer-composer and activist, Chewii!

The young starlet is a Miami-based artist who recently launched a new single “Black Skin Lullaby”, which is already a powerful self-love anthem and fan-favorite!

When describing this musical project, the Canadian-American Soul singer highlighted: “I felt it was my duty as an artist, as Nina Simone once declared, to reflect the times.”

The highly anticipated debut EP “Black Skin Lullaby” allows her fierce vocals to shine throughout a powerful mix of ferocious Hip-Hop/Soul tracks, and illustrates the power of music as a medium to raise awareness and be a catalyst for change.

Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am and by doing so, I will inspire others to do the same.”


In our empowering interview, now available on Anchor and Spotify, the Montreal-native shares her “Journey To Lovely” into the music industry, her creative process, building an independent brand and connecting her craft to the current times.

Remaining grounded and with a wisdom beyond her years, Chewii shared during our exchange, how the racial uprisings, following George Floyd’s death, sparked a creative awakening, which resulted in the creation of her timely and empowering musical hit.


As Chewii continues to create her music and her star continues to rise, she has also found herself. Which is the most beautiful gift one can share with the world: our authentic selves.

By taking full creative control of her craft, she explains how producing and engineering her own songs, has not only allowed her to evolve as musician, but as a woman in a very male dominated industry.

Her beautiful evolution is truly a testament to our current times where women are fully owning their power and taking control of their lives- unapologetically.

Chewii’s online platforms showcase a fun-loving, soulful and charismatic songstress and activist, who is full of life, has found her Voice and enjoys sharing her musical gift with the world.

Everything an inspiring Lovely Icon is about!

I felt it was my duty as an artist, as Nina Simone once declared, to reflect the times.


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