In Honor of Women’s History Month, it is a great privilege to share an epic real-life account of survival, courage and perseverance- in the face of hellish horror during one of History’s darkest periods.

Introducing this month’s Lovely Icon: Holocaust survivor, inspiring author and phenomenal educator, Mrs. Eva Perlman.

A woman of integrity and wisdom, dear Eva shares her poignant testimony of surviving one of the world’s most horrific events: The Holocaust. This gruesome genocide carried out by the Nazis during World War II, in which six million Jews were murdered, almost cost her and her family their lives.

Our exclusive podcast interview captures this epic story of survival, miracles and heroism.

Eva’s gripping testimony shows the power of holding on to hope in the midst of hellish circumstances.

During our insightful interview, our Lovely Icon shares her incredible experiences as a child, living in hiding in the South of France, during the Nazi occupation of that region.

After listening to this episode, you will surely come to the conclusion that Eva’s life is truly guided by miracles. In this poignant podcast episode, Eva shares her adventures throughout this gruesome period and how they have shaped her as the wise and strong woman she is today.

Eva’s real life account of growing up during the Holocaust, during which she lost 50 family members, is a testament to using your hardships to build your legacy. She now pours her heart into teaching the younger generation about tolerance and respect. Her educational work culminates with the annual March Of The Living.

Her extraordinary story will keep you on the edge of your chair!

Eva shares her experiences of overcoming terrible hardships and the incredible stories of her own parents risking their lives, close encounters with nazi soldiers, near-death plane bombings and the heroic people who helped them to survive.

You can read Eva’s full life story in her book, “Eva’s Uncommon Life-Guided by Miracles”, available on Amazon.

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Happy listening and may you be inspired to pursue your Journey To Lovely.

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