Paris Fashion Week is the most exciting fashion event during which you can meet some of the most fabulous and interesting people.

In my capacity as an interviewer at the Fashion Week Studio show, I had the pleasure of exchanging with some fascinating figures and insiders of the industry. But one who particularly stood out, was Ariel. A stunning, graceful and yet very humble model, who was experiencing her first Paris Fashion Week.

I had ended my interviews for the night, when I bumped into Ariel and we ended up chatting like old friends on a plush couch at the iconic Ritz hotel.

Although her demeanor was friendly and sweet, I could tell she was a fierce lover of life and driven to pursue her dreams.

Her journey is one of perseverance, growth and confidence.

The perfect fit for our Women in Fashion Empowerment series and everything a Lovely Icon is about!

1. Please present yourself and share a bit about yourself.

Hello, my name is Ariel Morgan. I was born May 18th, 1992 and raised on the west side of Wilmington, Delaware. I grew up with one younger brother and two older twin sisters. Life for me was never traditional nor easy but, it gave me characteristics of who I am today. Being a mother of a beautiful baby girl, Mia Sophia Barbee, has taught me to enjoy each and every moment. Currently, I’m in school studying accounting and I am a brand ambassador / intern for WARDROBE. “Live full, die empty” is a quote by Les Brown that I live by. #God #Mom #Model

Ariel dominating the runway and captured by Fashion Week Online

2. What inspired you to pursue a career in modeling and how did you begin your journey?

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been into fashion. In my elementary school days, I bugged my mother to take me to the thrift store to find an outfit for an award ceremony. I will never forget this stretchy blue floral dress that dropped to the tip of my knees and I paired it with these black, chunky heeled shoes. I walked that stage in confidence and fashionably to claim that award! I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway —it was my inspiration. I feel my true modeling journey began when I moved to Michigan and I had made some photographer friends. They wanted to do some test shoots and it came naturally to me. My spirit was happy and I felt I was doing what I was meant to do— it was therapeutic.

Ariel during Paris Fashion Week F/W 19-20 at the iconic Ritz hotel

3. As a model who has worked around the globe, what was one of the most empowering experiences you’ve had so far?

One of the most empowering experiences I’ve had thus far is walking in Paris Fashion Week. I grew up in an urban community and well, going out of the country is something that’s not talked about. For me to be blessed with an opportunity to walk for four designers; in a foreign country, was eye opening. It truly opened my eyes even further to the greatness within me! I’m not industry weight, height, and I’m a single coparenting mother— but non of that mattered because I lived my dream! A few months prior, I sat down and wrote a clear vision for my modeling career and Paris Fashion Week was written on it. I know with God all things are possible.

4. The modeling field can be quite competitive, can you share some challenges that you’ve faced and how do you stay grounded?

I faced many no’s in this fashion industry but, I didn’t accept that as the final answer. It has pushed me to go harder and think outside of the box. I stay grounded with confidence in knowing who I am and whose I am. There is no one in the world like me and that sets us all apart from each other. Instead of looking at the modeling field as competitive, I look at it as a growing experience— what skills can I learn from other models and what skills can I teach other models to help them grow. I refuse to give up, I refuse to be put in a box, and I choose to make changes this industry— even if I’m walking in this lane alone.

5.What words of advice or encouragement would you have for other young people interested in stepping into the modeling world?

I would tell those young people to be themselves! I’d definitely recommend to write out a strong vision of where you want to take your modeling career and stay aligned with that vision! You will hear the word no and how you react after hearing it determined if this is for you. Just never give up, be confident, and let your light shine!

6. Thank you for sharing those encouraging words! What’s next on your “Journey to lovely” (your future goals and aspirations)?

Next on my journey is to rewrite an updated vision for my vision, I have completed all of my old goals. As far as my future goals, I want to be published in Vogue, walk in London Fashion Week, and be an inspiration to people who almost gave up on there dreams but chose not to. That was once me and I’m so thankful I kept going! I want to use my platform to help educate people, we have to walk in love and show compassion. These goals are obtainable and I truly believe they are in my reach. “I’m staying focused on my focus.”— Unknown

All smiles: Ariel with her sweet baby Mia

7. That’s awesome, truly wish you the best! Where can we keep up with you online?

Thank You so much and I look forward to watching you grow! Thank you for letting me tell my story!

I can be found on instagram: @ArielTheModelMom

Facebook Like Page: Ariel The Model

Thank you for participating Ariel!

There you have it ladies! Hope you all enjoyed this lovely exchange with Ariel. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for our next interview!


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