As part of the Journey To Lovely’s commitment to excellence and our ‘Empowerment’ series, it is with great pleasure that I present to you our latest “Lovely Icon”: Lorena Mariana!

As a certified life coach, image consultant and founder of an educational platform dedicated to personal development, “The Royalty School”, Lorena is passionate about teaching life-changing techniques to women.

The multifaceted Brazilian beauty, who studies quantum physics, holds several degrees in Education and is also a Samba queen, believes that all women deserve the best in life and should be “the Queen of their world”. 

With her bilingual online presence, her fantastic style and inspiring content, Lorena is true phenomenon and everything a “Lovely Icon” is about!


Hello dear, please present yourself and share a bit about who you are.

Hello, I am Lorena Mariana, I’m 31 years old and currently single without kids. I was born and raised in Brazil and since 2016, I’ve been living in Florida. I have a degree in Education with several postgraduate degrees in Education and I am a human behaviorial consultant and certified life coach. I am also passionate about a myriad of things including Fashion, which drew me into the field of image consulting. I also love to dance and I am a professional samba dancer. Furthermore, I love all things Beauty, Travel, Culture, Nature, Etiquette, Writing, Photos, Personal Development, Law of Attraction, Money Mindset, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Spirituality, Wellness and so on, just to name a few.

I’ve dedicated myself to studying how to live one’s best version inside and out for years.

I believe in supporting women to be the Queen of their world through personal development and personal image.

What inspired you to pursue a career in Personal development  and how did you begin your journey?

I always been a curious person and I’ve always loved studying personal development. I grew up in a modest family financially talking, very lovely but with financial issues, so I was always looking for ways to improve my quality of life and consequently my Family’s one as well. My inspiration always was to live better! But my journey started when I went to college and subsequently, I become a teacher and from since then, I’ve never stop studying.

I fell in love with the studies of quantum physics and I started applying the laws of universe in my personal life. With those techniques, my life started to change and I moved to USA for a better life and better opportunities.

As a personal Development and Image coach, what was one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had so far?

There are many memorable experiences in my life but I would say the most important ones were analyzing my beliefs. I observed how some were limiting and locking my life and then being able to unlock them.

I can also share a very personal experience. As mentioned before I came from a poor family and when I moved to the USA, I was very anxious to have better life. However, without guidance and support, I thought the fastest way would be to find a partner. But due to my desperation, I attracted unhealthy connections and toxic relationships, but thankfully not for long. I started to study and I wrote my letter to the Universe, indicating the relationship and life I wanted. Then I finished with a powerful meditation.
The next day ( yes, the next day! ) I met my lovely partner, my best friend, my mentor, my angel and we’ve been together for 3 years with a lot love and respect for each other. A love that grows daily. 
And this love encouraged me to pursuit my dreams and follow my heart!

With the current global pandemic, how can women cultivate their femininity and stay true to their authentic style?

The feminine energy is within us. So it doesn’t matter what is going on in the world, the femininity can remain strong and positive, and one way to do it can be via self care, doing your self care daily and dress your best daily even when at home. I recommend wearing dresses because they are classy and elegant which allows you to cultivate your inner beauty. Practicing positive affirmations daily, saying them in front of your mirror: how beautiful you are, perhaps include some dancing too, the dance connects women with our divine feminine, with love!

The coaching industry can be a competitive world, how do you stay grounded and overcome your challenges?

Being unique and authentic is the best way to face challenges, as well as being connected with your audience giving them special attention.

What words of advice or encouragement would you share with someone interested in levelling up their life (physically, mentally, professionally)?

The best advice for everyone that decides to walk on the Level Up journey is to Study! Yes, dedicate your time for study every the will make you grow as well get connected with others that are in the same path , I call it Networking is very powerful way to Level Up and make connections with amazing people and get a coach or mentor. As experts, they can help you to have great results and go to your limited beliefs so you will be able to unlock them and live the life you want! It’s a journey not only will it Level you Up, you will discover the Power within you! I believe inside every woman there is a Queen!

Thank you for sharing those encouraging words! What’s next on your “Journey to Lovely” (your future goals and aspirations)?

Love is one of the most powerful energy in this world, you can’t manifest anything if you don’t put love in! On the scale of vibration Love vibrate above 500 hz . Which means that more lovely you’re with your and goals more love you will attract and you will transformation your life for more meaningful life!

I am grateful for you encouraging others on this journey of love! Congratulations!

My aspirations in life is impact and transforme woman in the Queen of their world, changing their mindset through personal development and dressing them elegantly with personal Image ! My goal is become the best bilingual coach, the Coach of Queens!

That’s awesome, truly wish you the best! Where can we keep up with you online?

Thanks so much!

The Royalty School Website:

Instagram: @theroyaltyschool

Lorena Mariana Website:

Instagram: @officiallorenamariana

Facebook page: @officiallorenamariana

YouTube: lorenamariana

Below some pictures of my passion

I am Samba Dance Queen since 2018:

On my YouTube channel I share how I become Samba Queen in USA. Watch the video in the link below:


Thanks again Lorena! Keep inspiring and all the best on your Journey To Lovely!

Thanks for stopping by Lovelies! Hope you all enjoyed this enriching exchange with our “Lovely Icon” Lorena!

Stay tuned for our next “LOVELY ICON” interview and share your thoughts below!



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