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Lovely Icons: Meet the beautiful Meredith!

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ll continue with our “Lovely Icons” interview series of inspiring figures from the fashion, beauty and lifestyle scene.

Our next interviewee is talented Design Director and Brand Manager, Meredith Dawn, whom it was a pleasure to exchange with. Her positive and uplifting spirit is truly a breath of fresh air.

This driven fashionista’s social media showcases her journey in the industry, her impeccable taste,  as well as her creative talent, with images of her new collection at Dillard‘s which caught my attention due to their collaboration with the iconic Liberty Fabric brand!

She is living her dream, being a role model and sharing her gift with the world: Everything an inspiring Lovely Icon is about!

Floral printed sandal from Meredith’s collection at Dillard’s

Hi dear, please present yourself in a few words

Hello everyone, I’m Meredith, a 20-something, balancing somewhere between a true southern belle and a modern millennial woman. I was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have a BFA in Fashion Design from Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, GA. I began pursuing my design career in Little Rock, AR in 2016 and I’m currently working as a Design Director and Brand Manager for Dillard’s Corporate HQ.

Please tell us about a woman who inspires you and why?

My mom and sister are equal influences in my life. Leading by tremendous examples of how to keep going forward when life takes you on an unexpected path. They’ve always encouraged me to stop at nothing to accomplish the desires of my heart.

My sister is a young, black, female physician—less than 2% of medical doctors in America fit that description. My mom has dedicated 30+ years to saving lives as an ER nurse. My interest in fashion started at home, as I watched my mom work 12-hour shifts and come home to cut a pattern or hand-finish a hem. I didn’t understand as a child, but she was fulfilling her passion for two separate worlds: medicine and fashion. To this day, I’m fascinated by her ability to juggle both, all while being an incredible mother. I know she’s proud to see my sister and I are pursing successful careers in medicine and fashion that we truly love.

What was one of the most empowering experiences you’ve had in your life?

Moving to Little Rock, AR from Atlanta, GA was a pivotal moment. I took a risk, packed up my life, and moved to accept an incredible job offer as a Children’s Wear Designer for Dillard’s. My career path has been fast-paced and extremely rewarding—in terms of knowledge. Less than 2 years from joining the company, I transitioned into my leadership role over the entire design team. I’m beyond grateful for the opportunities I’ve been blessed with. Having faith in your ability, remaining positive when faced with doubt, and conquering your fears is key.

What words of advice or encouragement would you have for today’s young women?

A few things.. First, IT IS POSSIBLE. Whatever it is you want to do, whoever you want to be, wherever you want to go—it’s possible. Second, Don’t stop when the going gets tough, those are life’s most defining moments. Always be willing to give 115% even when it seems no one is watching. Trust me, someone is paying attention and that someone may introduce you to your next opportunity. Third and most important, love yourself. Comparison is the enemy of self-appreciation and self-worth. Be grateful for the good, the bad and the ugly times in life. Every moment will shape you into the person you’re meant to be. Love the person you are and the person you’re becoming.

What does ‘Womanhood’ mean to you?

Womanhood is power. We are the catalysts of change in the society we live in. We create and foster change all over the world. Womanhood is solidarity. It’s empowering to see women coming together to build each other up and inspire one another. That’s what keeps me going, I’m endlessly motivated by amazing women!

Thank you so much for your time and sharing those encouraging words! Where can we keep up with you online?

Thank you Claudrine, for allowing me to contribute to your series celebrating women. Connect with me on Instagram @meredawn, I’d love to network. To see the newest project I’ve had the pleasure of bringing to life at Dillard’s, click the link below! 

Hope you all enjoyed this lovely exchange. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for our next interview!