For this segment of our career highlight series, we will be interviewing the phenomenal wedding planner, Ms. Dolly Marshall.

Dolly is also a published writer, beautician by trade, stylist and all around fabulous womenpreneur!

Her online profile shows a vibrant and stylish fashionista who brings beauty and creativity wherever she goes.

Dolly‘s love for the wedding industry and all things love-related is truly inspiring and shows that following your dream always leads to your Journey To Lovely!

Everything a Lovely Icon is about!

Hello dear Dolly! Please present yourself and share a bit about who you are. 

Hello All! I’m Dolly Marshall and I’m in the business of “love and happiness!” I’m the creative type with a flair for the dramatic who can always find a clever solution to any challenge.  

What inspired you to pursue a career in the wedding industry and how did you begin your journey? 

I love making people feel beautiful and inspired, so I began my journey as entrepreneur; first as an Esthetician then a Makeup Artist and Flight Attendant. All these roles culminated in the recent launching of my own business Dolly Marshall Wedding Beauty & Events! 

As a wedding professional, who is also the content writer for a wedding blog, what was one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had so far?  

Getting to talk with my featured couples and hearing their personal stories of wedding planning is the most rewarding. Then sharing all our combined insights for other brides and grooms to benefit from. 

With the growth of internet and viral content, what are some trends that you see taking over the wedding industry? 

People have access to more visuals instantaneously these days: so more Pinterest boards, more Instagram stories, more Facebook Lives that can really help make things easier for couples during the pre-planning stage. To reach more of my audience, I also provide Virtual Consultations and Styling services which will become a big necessity. 

What tips would you have for brides and grooms planning their ‘big day’? 

Don’t try to be like anyone else. Your big day should be a unique reflection of you as a couple and those with whom you want to share it with. Also start your planning at least 18 months in advance for the least stressful experience.   

What words of advice or encouragement would share with someone trying to pursue a career in the wedding industry? 

Hone in on where your talent lies and amplify it to the tenth degree! Just like I tell my couples, there is only one you. People are attracted to authenticity, so you always want to be yourself and not a cookie cutter of someone else. And it’s not a race. I measure success by pleasurable experiences not competing with another person. 

Thank you for sharing those encouraging words! What’s next on your “Journey to Lovely” (your future goals and aspirations)? 

I’m looking forward to expanding my business and reaching more lovely couples of course! At the moment, I will be debuting my own Wedding Advice column titled, “ASK DOLLY” SOON! And I am also working on a book and podcast for Spring 2020 so stay tuned!!

That’s awesome, truly wish you the best! Where can we keep up with you online? 

⬜️ Dolly Marshall Wedding Beauty & Events

makeup artist + wedding pro ⬜️


▫️Pinterest: @Dolly Marshall Wedding Beauty & Events

▫️Instagram: @iamdollymarshall

▫️Facebook: @dollymarshallwbe


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