In the sage words of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel,

“Mode passes, style remains”.

indeed, Fashions come and go, but style persists forever.

That’s the reason why, as you build your elegant wardrobe, you should adopt a more timeless approach which focuses on longevity.

To help you with this, I’ve gathered 5 sophisticated items that make you look elegant- instantly!

Scroll down and remember fashion is art, so have fun and be creative!

1. Timeless Tweed

The always elegant Amal Clooney in a classic pink tweed Chanel outfit

Made famous by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel herself, tweed is the empress of sophisticated fabrics.

The rue Cambon fashion icon turned this texture into an undeniable staple of timeless elegance. Paired with pearls and heels, a tweed jacket or ensemble is an ode to the classic Chanel look and effortlessly elegant.Tweed is no longer reserved for our grandmother’s wardrobes, it’s actually a current albeit, classic trend. It may need a bit of tweaking and accessorizing but it remains an elegant staple that adds a polished flair to any wardrobe.

The modern woman seeking to add more elegance to her life, would surely appreciate this timeless texture which makes the most elegant fashion statement.

2. Opulent Ruffles

Queen Bee character Blair Waldorf in a stunning Bill Blass ruffled top.

Ah ruffles. They are lush, feminine and playful. A more extravagant design of elegant but sophisticated nonetheless.

With their dramatic history from soldiers of war to royalty, ruffles are elegant staples that can be worn to work, a cocktail party or a more refined ceremonies. Their theatrical detailing can be dressed up with larger patterns and accessories or dressed down with jeans and understated accents.

This flouncy trimming can be worn throughout the seasons and has been known to even adorn coats, bags, skirts, pants and shoes.

3. Classic bag

Lawyer & PR executive, Olivia Pope, looks divine with an elegant Prada Galleria Saffiano leather bag.

If the hallmark of elegance is simplicity, the hallmark of an elegant woman is her signature handbag.

An elegant damsel should always carry a handbag that reflects her unique style and that is practical.

Elegant handbags can vary in price points and don’t have to be high fashion. You can start off with an affordable yet chic Longchamps sac pliage or go for a classic quilted Chanel leather bag.

Your budget, your choice. The principles to abide by when cultivating elegance are simplicity, authenticity (no fakes) and practicality. Choose the most sophisticated design that reflects your signature aesthetic and aligns with your budget and the aforementioned values.

4. Chic sunnies

A pair of elegant sunglasses offer the perfect touch of sophistication.

Wearing sunglasses instantly adds an elegant flair to your entire demeanor.

It’s such a simple yet effective way to make you look more alluring and even a bit more mysterious. Sunglasses are a stylist’s trick to add a star quality to your look- immediately allowing you to appear like a VIP. This luxe trick is an easy and effortless way of upgrading your look, especially if you’re in a rush. However, not any pair will do. Make sure you choose a chic and stylish design. For your sunglasses, try to go for the designer brands. They are instantly recognizable and of higher quality which guarantees a more glamorous look. If you can’t afford the high-end designs, your choice should be understated, classic and black. Keep the look simple and muted, especially with cheaper brands.

Overall, sunglasses are the easiest way to look more polished and chic with minimal effort.

5. Luxe Pearls

A pearl chocker necklace, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s iconic look, is an eternal staple of elegance.

In the timeless words of Jackie Kennedy,

“pearls are always appropriate.”

Wearing a string of pearls immediately takes your overall look to a place of ladylike class and old world charm. Pearls are timeless, fancy and the epitome of femininity. Men can wear diamonds, but pearls definitely speak to the feminine essence and uniquely captures the beauty of women.

It is often said that “pearls are the queen of gems and the gems of queens.”

Accessorizing with pearls, whether earrings, a necklace or bracelet, is a fail-proof way of making you look instantly more elegant.

And to conclude with an honorable mention:

6. Polished Blazer

There you have it lovelies. The 5 classic staples that instantly make you look more elegant!

Which staples are your favorites? Which ones will you incorporate in wardrobe? Which other elegant items are your favorites? Share your preferences below!

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