Fancy coat season is upon us!

It’s time to round up our top trendy and fab outerwear as the temperatures drop and winter’s a calling.

Don’t fret, if you need some ideas for looks as you update your wardrobes, I’ve got you covered!

Below I’ve listed 5 elegant coats to inspire you on your Journey To Lovely through the colder months.

(Disclaimer: All images were found on Pinterest.)

1. The Classy Shaggy Coat

This look can be dressed up with a tailored pantsuit or skirt suit or dresses down with jeans and a sweater. It’s definitely a closet staple, so simply adapt to your lifestyle and schedule!

2. The Military Jacket

This cover-up is stylish and bold. It gives a no-nonsense vibe to your overall look and keeps you über-warm while you march and tackle your day’s work.

3. The Tweed Wrap Coat

This look is timeless and effortlessly chic. A true testament to elegance never going out of style. The classic tweed fabric tailored into a wrap around style with a scrolled neck, add the perfect modern touch.

4. The Colorful Coat

For the bold and fabulously eccentric ladies, this trend is for you! Eye-catching and yet structured, this statement-making coat will get you noticed wherever you go!Why blend in, when you can stand out?

5. The Scarf or Poncho Coat

This particular coat has a very unique look and yet keeps its classic style due to its overall structured silhouette.

You really have to observe it to notice the lovely scarf details on its bottom extremities. The tartan design also adds the perfect seasonal touch.

Hope you’ve been inspired by these lovely coats! Which style would you wrap yourself into this season?

Let me know in the comments below!

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