Bonjour Lovelies! Paris is widely considered the fashion capital of the world with its couture houses, cultural heritage and fashion history. Besides the fantastic food, when I moved here, I immediately noticed how effortlessly put together everyone looked!

Enriched by her legendary past, ‘The City of Lights’ still holds an ubiquitous influence on the international fashion scene and in the lives of today’s style mavens.

With fabulous icones de la mode, such as Inès de la Fressange, Garance Doré and Catherine Deneuve, leading the way, there is a plethora of styles to emulate.

Honestly, who wouldn’t be inspired by the quintessential Parisienne? We can all use some tips on how to be fashionably elegant, fiercely chic and effortlessly fabulous!

Inès de la Fressange is a true Parisienne icon.

If I could choose three words to express Parisian style it would be: understated, timeless and elegant.

So want to awaken your inner Parisienne and add a certain je ne sais quoi to your style?

Look no further – I’ve combined some personal photoshoots, editorials and style content that’ll have you showcasing fabulous French chic in no time!

A little black dress and Louboutins are a classic staple and why not add a beret for extra flair?
A structured coat and pastel dress is a “jolie” combo that evokes the lovely Haussmanian aesthetic.
Channel your inner ‘Mademoiselle’ with pearls, delicate lace and a classic LBD.

The Parisienne style also incorporates subtle pastels and feminine colors. You can follow the steps of other fashionistas who experiment with colors, textures and fabrics. All while keeping a structured and classic aesthetic.

Blogger and influencer, @SongOfStyle, in her pink blazer suit. Très chic!
Our favorite Upper East-Siders, Blair and Serena, channeled their inner parisiennes with these charming prints and pastels.

The Parisienne style is also influenced by the stunning art contained in a myriad of museums, the iconic architectural landmarks and rich cultural heritage of the capital.

A black turtleneck, midi skirt and heels are chic staples that would surely make Mona Lisa smile. Source: Louis Vuitton/ via
A casual Parisian look entails a chic blazer, distressed jeans, a classic purse and fabulous loafers. Source:

The Parisienne’s perfect wardrobe can be summed up as a functional capsule closet of key pieces, that highlight quality over quantity.

The essentials of a Parisienne wardrobe.

So voilà! Hope you enjoyed this mini-overview of the ‘The Parisienne Look’!

Let me know what style or pieces you’ll try in the comments below 🙂

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