This fall, let’s take a stylish and creative trip down memory lane as we prepare to upgrade our autumn wardrobes.

It’s well known that style can be found at all ages and phases of our lives, from the girly designs of our childhood to the structured silhouettes of our office attire. In this post, we’ll explore how our fashion journey can still be influenced by these traits in inventive yet stylish ways and with one key-piece: the pencil skirt.

So join the Journey to Lovely’s style evolution through the week- and through our educational experience, and take style hints from school-girl chic to bonafide #BossBabe!

Monday: Kindergarden

La Petite écolière: Kindergarden style inspires muted tones and light textures.

Monday usually gives us the blues, so why not start of the week pretty in pink? It’s the perfect way to set our weekly intentions and flourish as the days go on.

The innocence of blush tones are reminiscent of those dreamy preschool years when all was well with the world and our only worries were enjoying our toys, eating candy and catching some Zzzz at naptime. To capture this season of reveries, lovely muted colors, sweet pastel bows and soft textures make the perfect combination for a darling look.

Tuesday/ Primary School

Uniform Chic: the polished aesthetic of a school uniform is perfect for fall.

This next phase coincides with the week settling in and the formative years of primary school. Most of us wore uniforms and those who didn’t it was a time during which our style was more imposed upon us by our parents or gardians. Similarly, Tuesday being the second day of the week, dives us into the heat of our workload. This can be reflected in a monotone palette, conforming lines and a sober aesthetic. You can add a little light-hearted naïveté with a quirky accessory like the Chanel book bag below!

Structured navy blazer by Balmain.
Chic silk navy tank top

Black Book purse by Chanel
Leather black shoe by Salvatore Ferragamo

Wednesday/ High School

During this phase we developped more of a personality and if you recall, you always wanted to stand out yet hang with your squad! From “gossip girl” to Mean girls and even Cluless, the High Shool drama is well highlighted in movies and still inspires fashion trends every season.

Alexander Mc Queen

Paul Andrew

Thursday/ University

For our academic style, Mrs. Jackie Kennedy is the perfect inspiration! Mademoiselle Bouvier (her maiden name), also attended the illustrious Parisian university, La Sorbonne. In the picture she is at Georgetown university, but she never strayed to far away from her French heritage and understated parisienne chic. We can capture her University style during this autumn season by incorporating signature turtlenecks, blazers and loafers. This theme is timeless, traditional and formal and contains varsity tones that are both functional and stylish.

Friday/The corporate office

This phase is all about structured lines and sober tones and allows you to display the independant boss babe vibes of the professional world. Life is about levels and in this cycle you’re at the top of your game!  Building your wardrobe with quality key pieces that are classic and yet show your go-getter mindset.

With this clean-cut look , you are well on your way of climbing the corporate ladder- from worker bee to queen bee!

escarpins “Plexi” on via Pinterest
Kate Spade New York newspaper clutch

Like the saying goes: “we’ve arrived dah-ling”! I hope you all will have a blast incorporating these clever yet fashionable looks inspired by our journey from Kindergarten to the corner office!

I hope you were inspired by this style  journey and have fun trying out a few looks from each aesthetic this fall.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


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