Lovelies 🎀 in the Discover Your Lovely Style Guide, our 4 fashionable Muses showcase their respective aesthetics to inspire you. The goal is to find your Signature Style and “Become Your Own Muse”.

🌸With this unique Fascinator series, you get to apply the inspiration of the Style Guide and enter into each Muse’s elegant world!

Featuring the “Lovely Lady”, the “Vintage Vixen”, the “Silver Siren”, the “Glam Goddess”, each style and design, captures elegance in a unique way!

💗Which Style Muse do you resonate with the most? Simply scroll down and choose your favorite(s) below⤵️

1. The Lovely Lady

Classically elegant and ladylike.

2. The Vintage Vixen

Stylishly elegant and retro

3. The Silver Screen Siren

Gorgeously elegant and romantic

4. the Glam Goddess

Fabulously elegant and flamboyant

So which Muse do you prefer? Which fascinating aesthetic do you resonate the most with? Share your “Fascinator” coup de cœur in the comments below!

as always thanks for stopping by!

XO Claudrine

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