The birds are chirping, the trees are blooming and a warmer breeze is finally blowing our way: Spring has sprung!
Therefore, I’ve put together a list of classic “Essentials” to help you build a fabulous wardrobe and enjoy the season.

1~ Feminine Wrap Dress

There is nothing more liberating than slipping into your first dress after months of heavy apparel. Spring brings out my feminine side and wrap dresses make the perfect statement. They are practical, feminine and iconic. Like this gorgeous pink one (pictured), that has a lovely vintage flair to it. Go for sunny colors and prints that you can easily take from day to night, with a simple change of accessories!

2~ Fresh Scents

I actually prefer delicate scents and welcome spring fragrances which contain more floral and fruity notes. After the bold and heavy spritz of winter, it’s refreshing to spray something sweet and airy on our sun kissed skin. I especially love rose, vanilla and citrus blends and currently have my eye on the new “Bloom” perfume by Gucci.

3~ Chic Straw Bag + Crossbody Purse

My love for straw accessories has no end. And this spring, instead of a straw hat, I’m currently obsessing over straw bags! The more inventive the better, like the pictured pineapple-shaped straw one, which adds a stylish, tropical touch to your look. For your every day activities, strap-on bags are the new trend and are super practical. I especially love the round-shaped, blush-toned styles.

4~ Strappy Heels + Cute Sandals

They are perfect to pair with a cute romper, distressed jeans or floral dresses, for a fresh and chic spring look. The comfortable slip-ons for those lazy or shopping days and the fab strappy heels for a date night or brunch with the girls.

5~ Bows + Stripes

One is a über feminine accent and the other, a quintessential spring print. Nothing says you’re ready for more lighthearted and sunny days than adding these two elements to your wardrobe. And how adorable is that pretty purple top (pictured)?- it’s definitely a win-win if you get both trends in one!

6~ Pretty Sunnies + Silk Scarf

How very Jackie O and truly elegant. These timeless accessories are the perfect combo to add a bit of sophistication to whatever you’re wearing and look effortlessly put together. The carré Hermès is a wardrobe investment and those clear shades will have you looking spring-fresh!

7~ Classic Trench Coat + Stylish Rain boots

The foundation of any spring wardrobe, is the Queen of Spring herself: the trench coat. Whether you splurge on a Burberry or opt for one from Zara, it remains a staple piece in any wardrobe. And as the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers”, so don’t forget to hop over those puddles in style with a fab pair of Wellies.

8~ Pastel Home Decor

Nothing gets me out of the winter blues more than adding fresh blooms, pastel designs and pretty art pieces around the house. After all, it’s the season to bloom and it should start at home.

9~ Statement Earrings

I love accessories that make a bold statement but that remain elegant and refined. These pink flower earrings from Oscar de La Renta are a lovely ode to the beauty of spring. Pair them with a gorgeous dress or gown for maximum femininity.

10~Floral Phone Case

With a cellphone case this pretty, butterflies are sure to flutter around as you carry out your spring errands. Indeed, there’s no better way to be celebrate the season than by adding some florals accents to your favorite electronic gadget.

Hope this list was inspiring and helpful for your spring shopping!

Spring Essentials

Thanks for stopping by- XO, C

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