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Today we’re talking #fashion and how it plays an intrinsic role in cultivating your #femininity!

As it is often said, femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication as a woman and how you present yourself to the world is a display of how you feel on the inside.

Your feminine essence is curated via your clothing, accessories, bags, shoes and hairstyles.

So as you pursue your “Journey To Lovely”, the following fashion look, is an essential staple in a lady’s wardrobe.

🎀Indeed, the “Pink Ensemble” is a classic – yet effortless way to look stylish, elegant and feminine, simultaneously!.

Keep scrolling to see the different expressions of the standard look and let us know which one resonates with your signature style?

1. Preppy in pink 🛍💗

The Preppy in Pink Lady is ultra-girly and loves looking smart, classically beautiful and gives Barbie at Harvard vibes. What like it’s hard?

2. Posh in pink ⚜️💗

The Posh in Pink lady knows her signature style well and is a seasoned femme. She carries a Chanel, Kelly or Prada bag and believes in impeccable tailoring- always.

3. Rock N’ pink 🎸💗

The Rock ‘N’ Pink lady loves expressing her feminine essence through her creativity, musical taste and via a more eccentric aesthetic. She is in tune with her inner rebel and tastefully let’s her shine.

4. Diva in pink 👑💗

The Diva in Pink is the lady that is ‘Fabulosity’ personified. She loves the glitz, glamour and va-va-voom that an opulent- show-stopping ensemble gives her. She walks into a room and captivates everyone. She is a star and the pink hue is just icing on top.

5. Corporate in pink 💼💗

The corporate lady in pink loves to add a touch of femininity to the boardroom. In the midst of the greys and blacks of her colleagues severe looks, she lightens the conservative landscape with the classically feminine color. She still adheres to her professional dress code with a structured cut, good tailoring and chic heels of course.

6. Cocktails in pink 🍸💗

The Cocktail in Pink is the lady that ditches the quintessential LBD, for an out-the-box yet feminine alternative. She takes the town with a trendy, stylish and ultra-swank look and still stand out at any elegant venue. With her feminine suit, she can enjoy her cosmo with friends or perhaps meet a new beau. Cheers to that!

Thanks so much for stopping by lovelies! Let me know which look you’ll be experimenting with or which one is your go-to look!

So which one is you? Let me know below!

Talk soon.

With love, joy and success,


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