During my time in quarantine I’ve been binge-watching tons of series, including Game of Thrones and pushed me to dig up this article from my drafts and finallypublish it!

It’s an Inspo article honoring the celebrated protagonist, Daenerys Targaryen, whom was already the object of an insightful blog post highlighting the symbolic political and feminist message of her character’s arc.

This post is definitely a bit lighter and hopefully can give us some creative inspiration during these challenging times.

It all started as I escaped to the South of France away from the hustle and bustle of Paris. I packed my bags to enjoy every minute of my stay in Cannes, for the annual Film Festival, yet I decided to be more low key in terms of events and focus on creating content.

This was me last year, when my focus networking and events

I was able to connect with a talented photographer and filmmaker, who was as friendly as he was professional, Mr. Jeff Marshall.

Hailing from Ireland, his optimism and good humour was palpable and frankly contagious!

Interestingly, he also believes in telling a story, connecting to ideas and creativity and bringing forth a body of work that is authentic, relatable and of quality.

We decided to shoot in different areas in and around Cannes and convey a story which connects to the theme of “Journey To Lovely”.

We ended up with 3 different locations and in this article, I’ll talk about the shoot at the Plage du chateau, a tiny beach nestled between the hills of a quaint coastal town.

Having the French Riviera as my backdrop made our inspiration and creative direction that much easier.

For this waterfront shoot, we decided to tell the story of Daenerys Targaryen, the famed Khaleesi from mega-show Game of Thrones.

The beautiful ocean view of the Met du château a few miles from Cannes was breathtaking.

It connected me to my first love which is fashion and using it to create art, beauty and inspiring story-telling.

So here are a few picture of this amazing shoot!

My gown, a vintage Zuhair Murad design, is reminiscent of the ethereal couture that has been taking over fashion lately.

Most notably, with my new favorite, the incomparable luxury designer Georges Hobeika. The talented couturier recently designed a custom gown for the queen Bee herself, Beyonce for the Wearable Art gala. It was an ode to the Lion King, Bey’s historic Disney project, in which she lends her voice to Nala.

Georges Hobeika

Does this ethereal, whimsical yet elegant style inspire you? How would you incorporate this haute couture theme into your daily look?

Here are a few ideas to try, and still look like a Queen of 7 Kingdoms

The Classic Headband

Greek Headband by Anthropologie

Ethereal jewelry

Ernest Jones necklace

A Cape Jumpsuit (Option A)

A Caped Dress (Option B)


Let me know what you think about this current trend and how it’s inspired you to wear more feminine, ethereal, timeless looks.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XO- Clo

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